THE SECOND STORY | October 23rd, 2014

Preemptive offers….in Alameda

I took this photo last Friday when a friend and I went to Little House Cafe, corner of Oak and Blanding.  They have fabulous food and a great staff, and it’s a little house.

I sold this to the Seiwald family when the Little House was a little dream in Chris’s head.  He’s also the owner of Perforce Software.  I put together the transaction for the plumbing shop (which was torn down) and his little office is now big Perforce. Plus the beat up and ignored cottage on the property came with the purchase.

Anyway everything worked out, and everybody has been happy.  And Chris got what he wanted….moved the little house to the corner, removed the stuff that was not original on the exterior, and he got a coffee shop where he could get coffee (and more).  Lots of us love the Little House a lot! – my take on my life!

I have some clients and they wondered how a property could be new on the market and go pending on the same day.  They knew the house, loved the location.  I was sorry to tell them that a ‘preemptive’ offer had been made and it was accepted by the Sellers.  It was explained in the confidential remarks in the MLS.

Preemptive offers are a two-edge sword in the low inventory market we are in.  One edge allows the seller to take an offer and just be done with it.  Often it will have few, if any contingencies.  Often it will be all cash. The other side of the sword is what if there was a buyer(s) who didn’t have the pre-knowledge and was prepared to give the owners MORE than what they expected, in less time.   Ah, we’ll never know if that could have happened.  But we will find out when it closes.

Because the property has not closed I don’t like asking the agent what is not mine to know until it closes. The owners decided to accept the offer that was written by a colleague of the listing agent. One can imagine that the offer was quite good.  The listing agent had all the marketing pieces prepped and ready to go public.

S&S…we will find the perfect house for your family.  Hang in there!

Alameda Real Estate this Week
Broker Tour Tues  9  And I only saw one…I had my own listing to hold open 2866 Central  for 850K.  Check it out…(the website is better than the MLS since I have room to get info in for the description.  It was a busy tour at the house and I expect it will be busy for both the Sat and Sun open houses 2-4pm.

New 14
BOM back on market  5 (a record in the past 3-4 years?)
PCH price change 4  (a record in the past 3-4 years?)
Pending 16
Sold 16
Cancelled 2
Expired 1

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week...this is only my perspective!
Get me a makeover!  This is my listing.  It’s been used as a rental for years, and except for a newer roof and water heater it could use some updating. Good area, great size, lots of potential. Come see it for your self!

Have a great weekend!  GO GIANTS!

best, marilyn

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