THE SECOND STORY | October 16th, 2014

Alameda has antique (well, classic) autos!

I knew it would be crowded, but I didn’t realize how crowded! Alameda’s annual Park Street Classic Car Show drew loads of people…from all over the Bay Area.  What a gorgeous day!

At the same time Fleet Week in San Francisco had a wonderful airshow each day.  It blew like stink on Sunday and the pilots handled it fine, adjusting their schedules to beat the fog coming in through the Golden Gate, and adjusting their flight paths for the wind.  It is a spectacular show..if you’ve gone before you know that.  If you haven’t been…put it on your calendar for next year!

I took the photo from our boat (which I don’t have anymore) a few years ago.

a look of what’s inside-of-my-head – weird…

As I read about the trends, and experience them, Alameda has become the trendsetter for most of the property buyers these days.  There has been a complete demographic change over the past 3-4 years.  the town is small (for now), has a good sense of community involvement (everybody has an opinion).  

When I ride my bike around town I see folks with babies and young kids.  The streets are full of people each evening…taking advantage of our pretty good restaurant scene.  And of course the prices for property have really moved up.  Local voters will need to be judicious about who they are putting in office in this election because of….

….transportation -which is okay in Alameda.  It could be better…we have buses, ferries (two separate sites), and BART (need a way to get to it).  Something that could help…are non-stop shuttles that could go East and West, and North and South and take people to BART without taking a huge amount of time. This will no doubt be on citizens’ agendas as we look at having more issues for more transport due to the building (housing) developments in this town.

…schools are mostly good here in Alameda.  Parents have so much more choice now than back in the day. There are charter schools, magnet schools.  Some specialize in certain subjects.  Others give a decent, well-rounded education.  If you have questions… see the Alameda Unified School District website.  And on the ballot is a huge bond for the schools…and if you haven’t been reading about it, you need to be informed.  We have two parcel taxes in place and potentially a 180M bond.

Get informed!

Alameda real estate this week!
Broker Tour Tues!  8 this week…I was pressed for time and went on the tour in a rental car…got my car back from the shop in mid afternoon.  Good work Audi Eddie!

Active listings this week  59
Pending listings this week 71

New  12
BOM 1 back on market
PCH price changes 3 this includes the house that was 2.5M..that’s a bummer because I said if she could get that price for that house..I’d list my own home w/ the chick.
Pending 17
Sold  11
Withdrawn/canceled  2
Expired 1

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week….
Nothing that I saw really turned me on….I can’t remember when I didn’t give any awards….another bummer.

Alrighty!  That’s a wrap!  Make it work.  Be good and have fun!  Call if you have any real estate questions!

best, marilyn

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