THE SECOND STORY | September 18th, 2014

Art is electrical (boxes) in Alameda!

This is just one of the big electrical-type boxes that have been turned into art…using a vinyl-type process by real artists!  Take a look around…there may be one near where you are standing!  This is at the northwest corner of Central and Webb.  my view of things silly or serious…

It seems to me that this is the fall push for real estate.

I will go out on a limb and say that those who have been thinking of selling now have seen their equity come back to the highs just before the great depression and they want to get out now, or over the next few months.

I will go out on another limb.  We are seeing list prices look more like the recent ‘solds’ that are used for comps.

I will go out on another limb.  Pricing too low for a list price may mean that the seller may just get that lower price.  If pricing is perceived to be at the sold comps, there is room to argue for that price.

There are not so many multiple offers these days.  And more properties seem to be selling for less than the list price, rather than jumping up 100K+.  When the price is right…often after a price reduction, more than one party may be in the mood to bid it up again.  I’ve seen it a couple of times myself, for my buyer clients.

Good thing the limbs are not so high around here.

Alameda Real Estate this Week…
Broker Tour Tues  17 this week…but 20 were listed (a couple were repeats, and one other was listed twice..  Saw all of them but 2 condos.  I drove out to 94502, caught all of those, then drove to 94501 to see those properties…and then stopped at home and got on my bike for the last group.

Active listings this week  65
Pending listings this week  63

New  14
PCH price change  3
Pending  14
Sold  9
Withdrawn temporarily 1
Withdrawn/canceled  1

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week…remember this is only my perspective.

La Grande Dame  When the agent (who is the owner) first blasted this out to local agents the price was 2.8M.  When it came on the market it was 2.2M.  There is a view from the third floor (and on the day of the tour I could see the San Mateo Bridge).  It is not on the lagoon, and you can see neighbor houses as you look through the windows.  This place is gorgeous and the woodwork is pure artistry.  This was one of the huge estates in Alameda before it was cut up into pieces for other houses.

Have a great weekend!  Be happy. Be well.   best, marilyn

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