THE SECOND STORY | September 11th, 2014

Working like a dog at Alameda’s golf course…

The lady who owns this biz showed up with her dogs, as I left the golf complex in Alameda.  Most local golfers have seen them (the lady and her dogs) out in their home away from home. And the golfers love how they chase the geese away, AND they love the super-cool dogs! 911,  more than just a call for help.

Housing is the buzz word around town….Del Monte, Marina Cove, Boatworks, Alameda Point, etc.  We are seeing new life in old locations.  (well, I hope I live that long…)

I had a chance to tell a friend of a friend a bit about Alameda’s BMR (below market rate) housing.  And what will be coming down the pike in the future.  For the first time ever, a local Realtor (and a neighbor of mine), listed a lovely 11 year old   townhome for $202,636 . Most of us know the area, right off Grand St near the marina.  So we thought something wasn’t right about the price.  Um, yes it was.

Here is the website that explains how it works.  check it out!  There are family size restrictions, income restrictions, first home (in 3 years) ownership requirements, and lenders that you must use.  And more.

The reason this came on the open market is because the previous owner (bad boy who didn’t believe the rules) decided to sell it himself for 400K to a rather unsuspecting buyer.  Bummer.  That’s a very bad boy.  So the city Housing Authority took it back after legal battles, and applications were accepted until 8-29 (it’s a rather huge package..but hey…you are getting something at least 1/2 or more off the retail price).  The lottery will be held on 9-16 at the Alameda Free Library on Oak Street.  I think I was told there were 20-25 folks who qualified with the application package.  There will be one happy family on Sept 19.

Alameda Real Estate this week...
Broker Tour Tues   12 this week…saw them all via bike.
Active Listings this week   64
Pending Listings this week  57

New  12
PCH price changes  4
BOM back on market  2
Pending 10
Sold  16

Alameda real estate awards this week….remember this is only my perspective!
Get me to rehab!  Nice location,needs a foundation and many repairs & fixes.
Get me a makeover!  Hidden Gold Coast location…used as a rental.
WHAT?  This is the first time I’ve ever given a WHAT award.  This is the house I spoke of a couple of weeks ago.  The agent decided to hold it open on Tues.  If she can get 2.5M for this um….piece of work…I will list my house with her as soon as I see that closing statement.

That’s a wrap!  Make it work.  Get real!  Have a great weekend!

best, marilyn

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