THE SECOND STORY | September 4th, 2014

Alameda’s Del Monte warehouse….

Days are getting shorter.  Random thoughts, sometimes weird ideas….

This morning I attended (via bike) a talk given by the Tim Lewis Co regarding their Del Monte warehouse plans.  Lots of Realtors were there.  I was one of several who were handed full sheets of names to call to let Realtors know about the project and to encourage folks to come on down to the warehouse site).

There are many more questions than answers.  Some of them are covered in The Alamedan  and the Contra Costa Times. These articles are a bit dated but it gives the flavor of the day for what may be going in there.

Lots of questions were asked, and not necessarily answered well.  Here are some:  how many parking spaces for the building (yet to be decided whether it will be condos & flats & rental units or just rental units; with commercial along the waterfront).  How the TMA Transportation Management  (something) is managed and by whom?  Do units automatically come with parking?  No, it’s called unbundled parking (separate from the units, this is an opt-in to buy the parking).  And on and on….

If you live in Alameda this is the beginning of the north side building spree, most likely over the next 20 years.  And since the base was still active when I came to Alameda as a young bride…20 years is a flash in the pan based on A-time, here in A-town.

Alameda Real Estate this week….
Broker Tour Tues  6 this week, all were new.  Nice bike ride to see all of them – 4 were out in 94502 and 2 were on the main island.

Active listings this week  60
Pending listings this week  63

New  14  love the new listings with NO photos, really?
PCH price change  2
Pending  12
Sold  22
Withdrawn/canceled  3
Expired 1 Gosh, I wonder what was the problem…was it the toilet in the first picture?

Alameda Real Estate awards this week….
Bang for the buck  this is a nifty condo…ground floor, near the on-site laundry, 12 units and on tree lined Central Ave in mid-town.  It’s big!

That’s a wrap!  Make it work!  Enjoy the weekend!

best, marilyn

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