THE SECOND STORY | August 21st, 2014

Small containers, big bounty in Alameda!

Just got this group of tomatoes and a couple of peppers from the garden at my house tonight!  I use containers so they don’t take too much care…and then they produce!  I’ve not planted peppers before, but they are supposed to be mild. Need to figure out how I can use them.  Waiting on the beets to see how they work out for this year.  Last year was great!  This year…maybe not so much.  What’s up with how I think about things?

This week there was a newer townhouse on the market for just $202,636.  Yep, that’s right!  When I read that I thought somebody had made a mistake.  But no, it is part of the community at Marina Cove, near Grand Street Marina. This is a great example of affordable housing that is owned by folks who meet the financial requirements.  Due to the demand for owning these types of homes, it will be placed into a lottery and the winner will purchase the house.  At this time the property is owned by the City of Alameda.  I understand a lot of paperwork needs to be done up front before the a potential buyer can enter the lottery. Seems to me the paperwork would be really worth it!

BayPort (near Target) has a similar deal where affordable housing is blended in with the rest of the area.  It’s a wonderful thing!  Usually they are townhouses, rather than single family detached homes.  The city requires that low/affordable housing be built in this manner by the developers.  Let me know if you want particulars and I can find out more.

Alameda Real Estate this Week…
Broker Tour Tues 9 this week. w/ 1 repeat.  I saw 6 of them this week.

Active listings this week, 50
Pending listings this week, 81

New  12
PCH  price change 5
Pending  11.
Sold 15
Withdrawn temporarily  2
Withdrawn/canceled  3  the large house on the lagoon (2208 Clinton), which included the lot next door (2004 Clinton) for 2.2M, has gone back to two separate properties (the lot and the house).  House = 1.55M and the Lot =  650K.  The cancellation is an apartment building.

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week…remember this is only my perspective!
Get me to rehab! an REO at Ballena Bay.  This place is stripped, according to the agent, and it needs cash or a rehab loan to make it right.
What the heck is this price? The link is broken…but I cannot imagine a 2.5M house (built in 1914 and is 1482 sf at 516 Central.  open for tour this next week 2-5pm.

That’s a wrap!  Make it right!

best, marilyn

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