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Questions that Buyers should ask, here in Alameda.

One of the nice things about Alameda is taking the ferry to San Francisco!  In this case, I went with friends to the Giants game a couple of weeks ago! Yes, they won.  And the boys, here, were rooting for them while they were on the boat.

A fabulous ride, great food, and a GREAT GIANTS TEAM!  YAY! 

I meet with some buyer prospects tonight.  The first thing she asked was…”what questions do we need to ask?”  I always go in prepared to say, “I don’t know.” or “I will find out, if I don’t have the answer.”  It is not worth anybody’s time to B.S anybody.  It makes the fool who does it, actually a fool!

Here are some basic questions that buyers should consider:
1. How long do you want/expect to stay in the property? (not long enough, and the market price may change downward) (long enough, the interest rates today may look plenty good in 10 years).
2. Where do you want to live? (city and/or neighborhood)
3. What type of property do you want to live in?
4. How much to you have for a down payment?
5. Are you pre-approved (not qualified) with a lender (and who is it, and does he know the immediate market)?
6. Are you being cautious about how many lenders who may have pulled your credit?  That can be damaging.  Often an agent would like to work with a lender of his/her choice, based on knowing how each of them works.  This applies with the title/escrow company as well!
7. What type of loans have you reviewed with the lender?  Have you reviewed those with your agent? And has your agent contacted the lender to get clear on how the financing should be written up for a contract?
8.  Is there a strategy, in a given market, about how to write an offer without putting your (often novice) clients at risk?
9.  Is your agent very familiar with the area/market that you are looking in?  Would that be a benefit to you (or not), as a buyer? (Yes, it is).
10. Do you know more than your agent regarding a location? If you do, I think you may have the wrong agent…unless you want someone who just will write a contract and do nothing else.
11. Have you taken the time to review the contract with your agent prior to writing it? Have you received satisfactory answers about basic (and complicated questions)?

These are not simple pat questions and answers…but they need to be considered.

Perhaps some of  you have other questions, based on experience, that you might share with me?  Would love to hear about them!

Alameda real estate this week.
Broker Tour Tues  12 on tour this week.  I did see 3 last weekend, that were on the tour.

Active listings this week   59
Pending listings this week  84

New  17
BOM back on market  1
PCH price change  2
Pending  23
Sold  19
Withdrawn/canceled  1
Expired  1

Alameda real estate awards this week…remember this in only my perspective!
Winner – somewhat propriety…it’s my listing at Clinton!  Be sure to look at all the Seller has done to this property, from foundation to in-law unit, to electrical, and more!
Cute, Charming

That’s a wrap!  Come see me at 1810 Clinton on Sunday 2-4pm!  Have a great weekend!

best, marilyn

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