THE SECOND STORY | May 29th, 2014

Biking on Alameda’s shady streets…in the heat!

Every time I think I have a favorite time of year…something happens and I change my mind.   Today, after meeting with a friend at Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden, I rode my bike home.  And just before St Joe’s church on San Antonio, I did it again.  I love the colors of Jacaranda trees.  The blooms don’t last long, but they are glorious.  In sight, top of mind.  Out of sight..not so much..

Most everything seems to grow here in Alameda.

Boomer-chick-musings my take about what is going on out there, or in my head!

The last couple of weekends I’ve hit the road w/ my bike to visit open houses because I’ve either missed them when they are on tour, or want to catch them before they show up on tour.  Three times in the last two weeks, I’ve been approached by nice people who say to me…are you Marilyn?  My quick thought is to say…”uh no…who is she and what did she do?”  But I don’t.

Each person told me they read my blog regularly!  My gosh!  Who knew?  Even with my bike helmet, they figure it out.  One was a couple I met on Shoreline at an open house…and they had written me a year ago, but then we met that day near the beach. Another was looking at an open house (a bit of a wonky house we agreed) and stopped me.  She used to live nearby, and but was now looking at houses.  It was so nice to see her!  And the next couple said…”Are you Marilyn?  Hey, it’s Second Story Marilyn!”  And I have an appointment to meet with them.

Yes, it is a small town, complete with flaws, but where and what doesn’t have flaws?  I am so grateful to be living here!

Alameda real estate this week.
Broker tour Tues there were 9 on the tour this week. (I was driving to Sacto for a very rare, but great meeting with the some of the head honchos of  Fusion, along with staff and a few of the brokers and agents). I did see four of the properties last weekend. And will see a few more this weekend, too.

Active listings this week  57
Pending listings this week  82

New  14
PCH price change  2
Pending  20
Sold  11
Withdrawn temporarily  1

Alameda real estate awards this week..remember this is only my perspective!
Look beyond the paint…
Brick and no parking

That’s a wrap!  Be well!  Enjoy the sun (cooling down but then warming up!).  Please let me know if you need vendors..if I don’t have any I will ask around to reputable folks who may know what you want!

best, marilyn

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