THE SECOND STORY | March 6th, 2014

Shredding Party in Alameda this Saturday!

Love this RED house (looks like units) on Eagle Ave!  BRIGHT and spring-like!
BOOMER-CHICK-MUSINGS.COM  – my moment to think about what is going on out there!  

The Shredding Party is here! 

Get your stuff ready to shred this Saturday from nine to noon, rain or shine!  See your stuff get criss-cross cut up!
Dump the stuff, grab some juice and a donut…say hi and and hang out here or get on with your day!  

Feel the love?
You can spread it over to Alameda Meals on Wheels, which will get any donations received in my little jar!

Tell your friends!  

On to the business at hand!

My listing at 933 Shoreline #306 received 7 offers on Sunday and by Monday night it was sold.

I had buyers write an offer this week…and there were at least 16 other offers on the property.  Things continue to be very aggressive out there.

Broker Tour Tues A nice bike ride this week!  9 on the tour.

Active listings this week,  50
Pending listings this week, 69

New 14
BOM back on market 1
Pending 15
Sold 10
Expired 1

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS…this is only my perspective!
Grand Dame  this is an old Alameda family home.  Bay Farm Island used to be known as the Ratto Farms, and this was part of the Ratto family.

Flying blind  the city has boarded this out up! So you can’t go it…and all-cash offers are due on the 9th of the month and must close on the 13th of this month.  Good luck with that!

That’s a wrap!  Get your shred-ables and bring them by on SAT  9-12!

best, marilyn

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