THE SECOND STORY | January 23rd, 2014

The Shredding Party is coming…the Shredding Party is coming!

Sometimes everything comes together…like this house across the street from a house I held open.  The light, the shading, the architectural qualities, and the tree catching the same hues.

BOOMER CHICK MUSINGS – one person’s little view on big or little stuff.  Uh, that would be my view.

SHREDDING PARTY!  Clients, Friends, and Neighbors!  The 7th annual Shredding Party will be March 8!  Get ready to shred your stuff for free!  Notices will be going on via email and snail mail.  If you are interested and not on my list…let me know and we’ll talk!

The few houses that have come on the market have been snatched up quickly.  A couple of the recent solds have been closed under the asking price.  Some listings have come BOM (back on market).   Calls have started coming in regarding folks who want to sell and for inquiries about properties on the market.  What’s it all mean?

Heck, I don’t know and I’m in the biz!  It probably means that maybe it might be turning into a more normal market.  Maybe and might.  Not very good words to use.  But the words do speak honestly.

I’ve just completed my 4th quarter Alameda real estate wrap up.  It’s simple but to the point.  If I have your email it will be sent out this next week.  If you would like a copy of it, send me your email address.

one cool thing still the dream

Broker Tour Tuesday – I saw 8 properties…by bike.  Only 7 were on the tour. I went almost to the Oakland Airport North Field (at least where the small planes depart to the west over Alameda) and all the way up the island in time to get to the Farmers Market (on Webster), then back down to Encinal Hardware, and then home.

Way the by —I rode around to 4 properties on last Friday evening, and then 4 more on Sunday afternoon, trying to catch up.  Mostly I have caught up.  Some of these were not on the tour..and others I missed.  There were some very junky properties: one on Rosewood (now pending) and the other on St. Charles which just came BOM.  My understanding from another agent is that there were 40 offers (most of them cash) on a listing on Bay St for 399K (see pending sales below).  I don’t know if this was true…but even if there were 20 offers…

B4 and after (after goes back a long time before this got a bit fixed up)
That’s a wrap!  Carry on!  Make it work!  Have a GREAT weekend!  Call if you have real estate questions!
best, marilyn

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