THE SECOND STORY | January 16th, 2014

What should we do to our property….

In the news....
I thought this article was interesting enough to put it up first. Everybody says we have the best value for the foreign buck.  Real estate in US is being fed by the world  (why the out-of country-folks want to own here).
My take on what I think things are (or aren’t.)
Real estate agents always get asked...
What should we do to our home next?  Paint? Upgrade the kitchen?  Bathrooms?  Do an addition?
My thought on this is not always what makes ‘pretty’. 
Right now, I’m touching up the exterior paint on the house. Yes, that is pretty.  I’m planning on going solar..this year.  That’s somewhat pretty.  I’m thinking about upgrading the electrical system.  The old knob and tube, while mostly functional, is way out of date. 
These things take some thought.  What’s it going to cost?  What’s the whole job going to cost?  What are the surprises going to cost?
And then there’s the annual maintenance, like pruning.  Every year I bring the landscaper in to do heavy pruning. Three roses died, mostly because of old age, not necessarily due to the freezing weather (before it turned to summer in winter).  
Always something to do around your property.  Good news is that thinking doesn’t cost anything!
Broker Tour Tues – I went to the marketing meeting on Tues but then had to get to a training.  Hoping to catch up on the new listings this weekend.   
Active listings = 40
Pending listings = 44
ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS…none this week. Will make up for it next week!
That’s a wrap…carry on… make it work!  And enjoy the weekend!
best, marilyn

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