THE SECOND STORY | October 31st, 2013

The Halloween festivities in Alameda….

Folks go nuts for Halloween in Alameda!  The yards are super- decorated-scary.  Fog machines.  Dead people coming up from their graves at the house next door.  Music and sounds and zombies.

And on Grand Street, in the Gold Coast…they do things right.  An outhouse is in front of the large house that is getting remodeled. And of course…it’s making a statement.  Somebody’s been too long in there.  Cleaver…I mean clever!

I got a call from an agent today.  It was something of a nightmare as I heard it.  She wanted to know if I got her offer yesterday on a listing I have.  Um, no.  I was expecting it and we had chatted over the phone about it, and even emailed about it.  But with the other 20 folks who submitted offers (yes, 20), I thought her clients had thoughts about writing it.  The Seller had an accepted offer before we went to dinner last night, about 9pm.

So when her call came today…I thought…what have I done?  How did I miss it?  Electronically, I put the 30 agents who asked for disclosures, on a list under the Seller’s name.  She was there!.  I kept track of everyone who wrote an offer…electronically.  She wasn’t there. I couldn’t find any email with an offer!

Being prepared for the worst (as in did I miss something so good that it was better than what the Seller accepted?)….I asked her to tell me about the offer.  It was not nearly as good as the accepted offer, but it was all cash.  Then I asked her to check the email she sent it to.  It went to  There was one small item missing.  The c in schu.  And that’s why I didn’t get it.  She had used my correct email during the day! But this time…she decided to abandone the thread..and start fresh.

Alrighty.  Here’s my lesson as a real estate broker.  When in doubt, call to be sure any offer has been received by the listing agent.  Call again and again!  Don’t email…call!  And make sure your client knows that it’s been received by the listing agent.  End of story.

Broker tour Tues  14 on the tour.  I rode to all on the main island, plus the farmer’s market!
Highest and Lowest Priced NEW listings this week.

New 18
Price change  1
Pending  18
Sold  14
Withdrawn temporarily  3
Expired  1

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!
Winner  2526 Clement…I thought it sounded like a commercial building…just before Broadway.  I loved this place!  The owner, an artist, has made it completely her own, and when I like something and it touches my heart..I can’t even describe it!  And this happened to me on Tues. It is bright, colorful, stylish, neat as a pin. And wedged between several small commercial buildings.
Get me to rehab
Get me a makeover

OK!  The city if offering a bike tour of Alameda Point on Sat at 9am up at the City Hall West (look for signs).  I’ll be there!  Check out the link if you are going…limited space, need a bike helmet, some bikes for rent, etc!

Love this town!  I mean even when somebody stole my bike light from Walgreens this evening.  I posted on Facebook…and somebody responded…”maybe s/he needed it more than me”…And it was a really great light.  I’ll get another.

Carry on!  Make it work!  Bring a bike to The Point!  best, marilyn

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