THE SECOND STORY | September 19th, 2013

Another Bronze Coast listing….and no photos of the Buyers!

It was winter in 2006.  I got my camera and watched the sunset.  And look what came along!
I’ve used this shot for postcards, gifts, and just plain old enjoyment.  Buh-bye to summer and hello to earlier darkness!

2230 Buena Vista received 23 offers yesterday. My clients wrote one of those and they did a great job….but they didn’t get the house.  This was their first offer…after looking for quite some time here in Alameda. There is the perfect place for them…and we all know it!

I told the Broker when I met with him (which was a nice option), I appreciated his note to agents who were writing offers…please no photos of the people who want to buy the house.

In my opinion, the strength of the offer is what is in the contract (or not).  Chatter doesn’t make a contract any better.  And it doesn’t need a 3 page letter from the buyers about why they want the house.  Just write it down in the contract.  And then give proof that it can work.  That’s what my buyers did – they wrote a simple but very sincere note about their family. But, alas…

I once met some Sellers in my former office, because as one of two designated brokers, we would step in when our Broker was not available. We would work with owners of property for sale, when there were multiple offers and when the listing agent had also written an offer on his/her listing.  This office policy is very good, to separate the agent from the Seller when he is also representing the buyer.

Understand, I never knew any of these sellers at all.  It was not easy to do, without having a chance to establish a relationship. Often I wish I could speak various languages.  But I didn’t and I don’t.

These particular sellers were pieces of work.  This was when the boom was still on.  They wanted to ‘see the letters and photos’ of all the people who wanted their place.  And that wasn’t enough…they wanted to google each buyer.  What!  I was astounded!  They knew the letters were a bunch of b.s. because they used one when they were buying and filled it with lies…so they said.  And I believed them.

I decided to step away, and let them use the computer in the conference room.  I said I’d give them a few minutes and when they had what they wanted, I’d be in the reception area.  I didn’t ask what they determined, and I didn’t want to know.  And yes, somebody got the house..and I only hope those Sellers got what they deserved out of life.
Another shameless self-promotion…

I just put 898 Union into the MLS tonight.  It’s a Craftsman house on a corner with a large lot for 795K.  It’s less than 1/2 block from last week’s listing.  I’ll have it open on Sat and Sun 2-4 and for the Broker Tour on Tues 11-1pm.!

Broker tour Tues – there were 10 on Tues and I’ve seen only 2 because I hosted one myself!  But I’m going to catch up tomorrow on my bike to see some more.

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW listings this week

Active and Pending listings this week 76, 87

New  10
BOM back on market  2
PCH price changes  4
Pending  14
Sold  13
Withdrawn Temporarily  1
Withdrawn/Canceled 2
Expired  2

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS…remember this is only my perspective.
Winner…yes, it is my listing on Clinton…reaction was very favorable..
Grand Dame, no back yard, a small side yard, and needs some updating, but is is a presence (corner of Central)

Come see me at 898 Union this weekend!  It was fun that so many stopped by last weekend, too!

Carry on, make it work, that’s a WRAP!

best, marilyn

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