THE SECOND STORY | August 29th, 2013

Sewer Lateral…Alameda version. And watch out for handi-wipes!

This Labor Day weekend will either be a ‘no drive’ or a ‘long drive’ for those who have to get around!    The Bay Bridge is officially shut down through the long weekend.

I will choose my bike as my mode of transport (usually done unless it is raining), or if I head out for some golf it will be the car but I still will stay in Alameda.

Have a good Labor Day-off, and if you haven’t seen the movie ‘The Butler’,   I believe it will be well worth your time, your kids’ time, your parents’ time…anybody’s time!  I was amazed and thought every kid from middle school on up, maybe even younger, should be shown this excellent film.

One more example of what is happening to Alameda’s Sewer Lateral Ordinance.

There is a house for sale west of Broadway…and the agent had a sewer test done.  It failed.  BUT it was noted that there was no LOWER lateral…it shared a lower lateral with the house next door.  The vendor gave a bid to separate the shared lower lateral of about $7500 over/above the upper lateral cost!

I got a call about this because I’ve been involved with other local Realtors in discussions with the city.  There have been some staff changes in Public Works in the last six weeks or so, and the city has restated its original premise with the new sewer lateral ordinance as of July 2012,  that the lower lateral will be the responsibility of the city. EXCEPT…if it is determined by the city (and they need to show it) that the owner of the property has improperly maintained the lower lateral, the owner will probably pay for it!  The operative word here is MAINTAIN which means don’t shove stuff down the drain.

It is important that the maintenance of the upper and lower sewer laterals be understood by any owner of real estate.  The dearth of the country’s sewer systems is Handi-wipes.  They do not break apart with water, they just jumble up tight.  And when things jumble up, they create a jumbled mess of poop and more.

So please…don’t stuff that stuff down the toilet or kitchen or bathrooms sinks.  Since we don’t see this system, we don’t even pay attention.  But you need to….or there will be $$ to pay!

Broker tour Tuesday  There were 8 properties on the tour…with 3 repeats (from the previous week).  Based on what I hear, there should be lots more on the market in Sept!

Highest and Lowest price NEW listings

Active listings and pending listings this week….72, 91

New  10
BOM back on market  1
PCH price changes  4
Pending  16
Sold  9
Withdrawn temporarily  1
Withdrawn/canceled  4
Expired  2

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS…remember this is only my perspective!
Get me to rehab!
I’m out of rehab!
Got me a makeover..kinda

I think this is a wrap!  Enjoy your weekend!  I’ve loved many of the recent calls with new referrals…and my list continues to grow and my clients really benefit!


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