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Why I hate Zillow….even in Alameda!

At least Zillow doesn’t mess with public parks… this shot of Crown Beach.  What a wonderful place for us to have in Alameda.

BOOMER-CHICK-MUSINGS.COM  what I think about today, yesterday, and maybe tomorrow.

“Hey, did you know your neighbor’s house is on the market? I saw it on Zillow!”

Well, even the homeowner was more than surprised today to see her house “FOR SALE”!  No, I didn’t put up one of my signs and forget to tell her…I sold it to her years ago! (In fact, I’ve done 3 transactions with her.)

She sent me an email about 6am this morning saying she saw her property was on the market!  What?  What was she saying?  Ut-oh.  It been Zillowed.

I told her I would take care of it.  For the third time today, I’ve gone on the site and have emailed that this is NOT ON THE MARKET.

I’m sorry to say that I cannot find anything positive to mention about Zillow.  Their Zestimates are off, often way off, either high or low.  Outside of whatever is required to create an algorithm, I find the site useless. Whether you have a Realtor or not, using Zillow to find properties on the market is a waste.  And that goes for Trulia, too.

Most folks do real estate searches online.  My suggestion is to get for your device…and work off that!  I use it and it works great…on my phone, iPad, and laptop!

Recently, I had clients (I sold their house here in Alameda), who found a fairly good looking house online, in an area they wanted.  Then they drove over to the place and ended up buying it in a competitive market.  In fact, they told me that they would find the houses, look at them from the outside, and then call the agent who was representing them.

It’s a new world.  But in the new world I can do without Zillow. (what is a zillow, anyway?)

Ah, yes…I just got an automated response saying ‘they’ would forward it to the right people.  AGH!

Broker Tour Tuesday   there were 14 on the market (two had duplicates as a SFR & Duplex), and I saw all of them but the one way up on Lina @ Bayport.  Usually I see those too, but I chatted too much along the way.

Highest and Lowest Price NEW listings – doing this blog post late has some advantages…look at what showed up @ around 10pm (see highest).

Active and Pending Listings this week. 59,82

New  17
BOM back on market  1
PCH price changes  3
Pending  17
Sold   2
Withdrawn temporarily  2
Expired  1

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!
Winner of the week
Cute, charming
Get me a facelift

That’s a wrap.  Carry on!  Make it work!  Have a good weekend!

best, marilyn

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  1. If zillow is crapping on your house value, return the favor – box up and anonymously send them some dog poop. we shouldn’t have to tell them everything about our homes to improve our value on their site. Instead, if they get enough dog poop from a certain area code, they’ll get the picture that their is something wrong with their model there…3

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