THE SECOND STORY | August 8th, 2013

National Night Out….last Tuesday eve in Alameda!

This was the scene on Tuesday evening when the Alameda Police stopped by our Neighborhood Watch group.  It was not as well attended this year and people missed the AFPD Fire Engine and crew who stopped by right when we started.  They asked “Any of the small ones who want to explore, come on up!”  I immediately raised my hand and said “Yes, I do!”  And the big folks climbed the truck, and explored the equipment.

BOOMER CHICK MUSINGS – my take on life: what it is now, was then, and may become.

My good friend and best structural engineer told me a story…and it happened just over a week ago.  His clients recently closed on a house in Hayward.  The woman wanted to re-do the kitchen and get rid of the walls.

Bad news.  She can’t get anything moved because the walls are not just load-bearing (vertical loads), they are shear walls (horizontal loads + part vertical).  Her reaction once he showed her the condition via a step ladder  “This is a house I do not want!” Bummer.

I know in this market folks are purchasing without getting inspections of their own (not always, but sometimes).  The fewer the contingencies, the better off the Buyers have a chance of getting the house.

IF  you’ve found a place that you must have, and you require improvements once you close, you need to bring in the expert to see what needs to be done BEFORE the inspection contingency is removed, to see if it CAN be done!  If you don’t it may cost you a lot of money, grief, and more money.

When the husband went to the Hayward building department, he was informed that unless a structural engineer put his signature on the drawings, there is no way they’d approve it.  And this particular engineer won’t be the one who will do that.

Broker Tour Tuesday  11 new on the tour, one repeat..  I had inspections so didn’t see most of them.
Highest and Lowest Priced NEW listings this week
Active and Pending Inventory this week  68-80

New  17
BOM back on market  1
PCH price changes  2
Pending  12
Sold  9
Withdrawn temporarily  1
Withdrawn/canceled  4

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my  perspective!
Winner of the week
Get me to rehab w/ cash only

Alrighty…that’s a wrap!  Make it work!  Carry on!  Enjoy the weekend.  Tonight, (Friday) is the last concert at the Cove!  Be there about 6pm!

best, marilyn

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