THE SECOND STORY | June 13th, 2013

Crowded skies in Alameda….kite surfing

Kite surfers were jamming the skies and waters off of Crown Beach last Sunday.  They were moving so fast I couldn’t count them!  This was taken with my iPhone and is only just a portion of what was out there!

BOOMER CHICK MUSINGS  – my take on what is happening out there, it’s mostly personal.

MARILYN’S SHORT SHOTS! (videos, on the right).  If you haven’t looked at them…check them out!

I just don’t get it.  If we, as a people, want our government to be ‘transparent’ or at least try to be ‘transparent’, then it seems to me, as individuals we need to lead the way in our own lives.  Now I don’t mean spewing forth all things.  That’s TMI (to much information).

I do mean, in real estate (because that’s my focus here), it seems proper that sellers (not selling short or R(eal) E(state) O(wned), should want to put out on the table everything the buyers need to know, and that includes stuff that the sellers don’t even know but have the opportunity to find out.  Like the stuff behind and in the walls (mold, leaks in pipes, dry rot, etc), roofs, and foundations, (who looks at those?).  

So that brings us to reports and inspections.  Even though most buyers will want to get their own inspections,  in my perfect world and most other agents’ worlds, sellers need to know what they heck they are selling!  And buyers want to see what the sellers are selling!

There have been a few properties (normal equity sales), in the past weeks, that sellers are leaving $$ on the table by not obtaining viable and/or reliable inspections before going to market.  If my clients thinking this  way…I try to explain to them why it’s important to get this out there…and what the costs of not doing so can mean to them, relative to the bottom line.

And one more thing….if a seller is not feeling the love that his/her agent has for them when it comes to price, I’d suggest taking them on a tour of houses on the market and recently closed, that are both worse and better (but about the same size and similar  location) to see what the competition is out there.  Then the sellers may realize that the agent wants to sell the property to the market niche that is focusing on these properties….and not have to beat them up later on for price reductions.

Just thinkin’.

Tuesday Tour 12 on tour…great bike ride after going via bike to the marketing meeting at Jim’s on the Course.

Highest and Lowest priced new listings this week

Active and pending listings this week 68, 93

New  20
BOM back on market  1
Pending  15
Sold  12
Withdrawn temporarily  1

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!
Winner (tie)
Get me a facelift  Otis

Wrap it up!  Carry on!  Make it work.  Call if you need vendors…I’ve had two clients who wanted out-of- area (across the bay and behind the hill) rental info.  In both cases, I’ve struck out.  I told them both to check Craig’s list for rental (rates and availability), and any local online newspapers that may have listings for rentals.  Otherwise…give me a try at something else!

best, marilyn

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