THE SECOND STORY | June 6th, 2013

Alameda has more inventory! But it’s going pending pretty quickly…

Speaking of the America’s Cup (which for a number of reasons has been and will be on sailors’ minds from the Bay Area and around the world)  this is the mini version of the AC boats.  It’s Sean (my son-in-law) and his crew  sailing/foiling the R Class super light weight boat they race in New Zealand.  Daugher Sutter races on a more traditional boat down there…but it’s coming into winter and getting colder.  So we get to see them here in a few weeks for a second summer!

BOOMER CHICK MUSINGS – this is my take on what is happening today in other parts of my life.

Check out the VIDEOS to the right!  They’re around the island!

COMMENTARY – I heard it several times this week.  Buyers are complaining about two different items…well, the obvious is the price of housing going up up up, but I’m not talking about that.

They are saying that the photos are not true to the size of rooms.  And they would love to have a floor plan of the property  they can download.

Even I’ve been surprised at some of the mls photos.  These wide angle lenses make one think they are walking into the Taj Mahal.  Recently I looked at a house online, and then I did a double take on the address.  That house either couldn’t be there, or it was completely remodeled and I didn’t know it!  These are tract homes.  And in Alameda they are not easily knocked down and rebuilt.  Since I go by the place  you’d think I would have noticed something say..different.

So when I rode my bike on the broker tour to see the place I was quite surprised to see it was the same old traditional floor plan.  Nothing new except the photos with staged furnishings.  Maybe I have a warped sense of space…but the photos vs reality made the house look ridiculous!

And the floor plans?  Yes, they should be there.  When I was showing some property to clients this week, they were expecting something else!  Yes, it was very nice…but the photos just don’t show how rooms relate to other rooms.  Thus…floor plans!  For a minimal amount of $, I find it imperative to put floor plans for prospects on the property website. I either pay for it, or I have many of the tract homes in my database.  But a floor plan is, to me, a necessity.

Just saying….

What do you, the consumer, want to see for marketing a property?  Floor plans?  Virtual tours?  Narratives?

Broker Tour Tuesday!  16 on the tour this week.  I drove the car to BFI, and the came home and saw the rest!

Highest and Lowest priced NEW listings this week.  66, 91

New  20
Price change  3
BOM Back on market  
Pending  22
Sold  19
Expired  1

Get me a facelift
Get me to rehab…tied!

OK!  That’s a wrap!  Make it work!  Carry on!  Stay cool over the weekend!  Call if you have market questions…or if your son needs a job (got a summer internship for a college graduate by making a phone call), or if you need a proper disposal of a US flag (called a good friend about what to do).

Be well and fine!

best, marilyn

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