THE SECOND STORY | May 31st, 2013

Marilyn’s short Alameda video tours…..

Filming videos around town is quite a blast.  Check out the map to the right and click on the icons: beach, shopping, and golf!  Just  tonight I came back from showing a house (night is not good but it  has to work in this market if a better time doesn’t!), and somebody wrote a note about loving the ending of the golf course video.  YAY!  My idea!

What I’ve learned is it’s imperative to get excellent help.  I called my neighbor John, who is a professional cameraman, traveling all over the world, to ask if he knew someone whooo…and he said, maybe we could work a deal!  And yes, we did!  He knows so much and coaches wonderfully.  He’s always thinking about lighting, looks, what’s natural, what doesn’t work.  Many takes?  Yes! But it is quite fun to see them put together.

And timing is everything.  For the beach video, the paddler on the bay came floating along just when we needed it!  Perfect!

I think there will be 2 more coming.  Surprise!

BOOMER CHICK MUSINGS – today, yesterday, tomorrow….whatever is on my mind!

Let’s make room – take a look at this blog…regarding moving and organizing.  She is great!

I was channel surfing the other night.  I saw something called Flip or Flop on HGTV.  I imagine you can figure it out….a couple gets into the biz of flipping houses.  And of course it’s about whether they can make $$ at it or not.  I glanced at a place that was sold ‘as is’ in a foreclosed state.  That’s normal.

And of course SURPRISE!  They found a load of termite (pest control) damage once they owned the house.  And then a city inspector came along and dropped the bomb on them that a room was done without permits and the place was on a code compliance list.

Is this for real?  Don’t people in the biz of flipping houses check on stuff like that?  It gives flippers a bad name but floppers is worse.  In real life, with real buyers and sellers, somebody would check on that stuff BEFORE they submitted an offer.  In my little world, an agent would check the city records and find out if a room count was off and see if the house is on the code compliance list.  And perhaps it might be wise to get a good pest inspector to the house BEFORE they buy it.

Good contacts (vendors, agents) pay a big part in making a transaction work.  Buyer beware if one part of a team is missing.

It closed a week ago but it didn’t get input to the MLS until Monday.  My listing at 329 Haight closed for 750K on a 689K price.  4 offers were submitted, one was all cash, but they didn’t get the house.  It closed on time…21 days.

Broker Tour Tuesday!  12 were on tour (one was a repeat and one was listed twice under two categories). Saw the properties on the main island via bike!

Highest and Lowest PRICED listings this week

Active and Pending Sales this week 53, 87

New  17
Price change  3
BOM back on market  3
Pending  14
Sold  12
Withdrawn temporarily  3

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!
Winner of the Week
Get me to Rehab  102K pest report
Blink and it’s gone new award.  No photo, no access, two offers w/in 1 day..oh well!

OK!  That’s a wrap.  Carry on!  Make it work!  Call if you need vendors.  Let me know if you have great experience with a vendor!

best, marilyn

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