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Ch Ch Ch CHANGES…for me in Alameda!

A very nice sunset at Crown Beach, Alameda!
BOOMER-CHICK-MUSINGS.COM – one chick’s take on the events of ….life!  This time it’s about changing when the unknown presents itself.
Ch Ch Ch Changes!  
I moved my Broker’s License last Friday.  
There.  I said it!  After a very good, long run of 25 years at Harbor Bay Realty, it was time to move on.  So let me give you a bit of a run down as to what my clients can expect!  
Please meet my new office, Fusion Real Estate Network.  Here’s what you might want to know….
1. What’s different?  It’s all good for all my clients, prospects, and friends!  Everything remains the same…I continue to focus primarily in Alameda, just like always.  I live here, I love it here, I know it here, and I’m involved here from church to CSI (Customer Service Improvement Committee for the Building and Planning Dept.) to the chair of the Alameda Association of Realtors Local Government Relations Committee, to riding my bike all around town.
2. Where’s the office?  In Sacramento.  I can just as easily be here at my home office scanning documents to Japan, Alameda, or Sacramento.      
3. Who is in Sacramento? The Broker of Record is there, Gwen Scott, who is also a  licensed attorney.  If there is an issue, she can be called.  We aren’t waiting in line to get to an attorney.  The Principal Partner is James Becker who is the mastermind of the biz.  They have an Operations Manager, Helen Whitelaw.  They have several Marketing Managers.  My Marketing Manager is Nancy Nicholas.  And the staff to support them all is there.  Gwen sent a video regarding an important contract form.  I met her while she was videoing another topic, on the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act.  These are either fresh and/or new subjects or reviews of why they are important.  James has sent out two videos each under a minute that share important and practical points he has found in various books.  They are very good!
4.  My gosh….where do you meet with clients?  It’s been years since I’ve met with my clients at the office.  We often meet for coffee at an Alameda cafe, when we’re getting to know each other.  For Sellers, I usually meet them at their house…I need to know it as well as they do!  For Buyers, we often meet at my home office to write up contracts.  For any clients, we almost always use electronic signatures and that is done via email.  
I work with three different generations of clients.  
-The more established…those folks can take lots of handholding in person, and that’s exactly what I do.    
-Those in the middle group….they use email, texting, etc.  They often know a bit more about the process but when you buy or sell only every few years or decades….it’s all new…every time!  
-Those in the youngest group…I have to adapt to them!  My youngest client was 23 last year and we got it done perfectly!  But the ease of electronics needs to be tempered by my experience.  It’s all new to them…and they also need me to explain items to them, asking them what questions they they should be asking me…and they take my lead, ask them and I say “l’m glad you asked that!”
4. What do you get out of it?  
-Instead of being asked if I’ll work for them, Fusion switches it around and says what can they do for me?  They don’t care if Fusion is in small letters on my biz cards, my letterhead, and my signs.  They want to promote me, my brand.  And since I’ve had most of the branding in place for over 20 years with the State of CA…you probably recognize it already:  RESULTS…exceeding the challenges.  
-Because they don’t have to maintain multiple offices, my split (income generated once a transaction is closed) is the best I’ve ever seen.  
-They pay for the graphic artist to design my cards, letterhead, signs.  Their marketing keeps me on track for each year.  You’ll see some changes I’ve made in the look of The Second Story today! It’s coming more in line with the colors of my website.  
-I am able to really work more effectively with my clients.  I’m here to answer questions, give info, find an answers if I don’t have it, get a property sold using the best methods this biz has to offer, to represent a buyer in the best way possible, offer vendor referrals.  Each person is different and I want to recognize it. 
I’m the agent the client has chosen, not the company.  My job is to vet the company and complete my due diligence about the company.  I did that!  I don’t take any of this lightly. 
If people wanted a company they could just call Zillow or Redfin and they’d be assigned an agent who doesn’t know the area, doesn’t know the issues, and they both show up at a property completely blind.  There is lots more on the line for real estate these days.  I’ve watched it happen in town when the agent doesn’t know who the clients are and the clients don’t know the agent.   That’s a dumb way of selling real estate.
Folks come to know, through a variety of ways, why they want to work with someone, what they can expect.  I’m hoping I can live up to YOUR expectations…and exceed them!
Questions?  Let me know!
Broker Tour Tuesday!  9 on the tour.  Another nice bike ride!
Active and Pending listings this week!  54, 85
ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!
This has been a late night!  Carry on!  Make it work!  
Let me know about what you think of the ch ch ch changes!

best, marilyn

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