THE SECOND STORY | May 16th, 2013

Over-drive (and keep going) or driving over the cliff….

This is New Zealand…last November…it was almost summer there, and this is 
my daughter leaning against a super giant elephant foot!  Well, it’s really a living tree!
And this is a super giant rose in Christchurch’s Botanical Garden!  It still blooms when the roses are all gone!  Both photos were in the same huge garden!  It was gorgeous!  Sutter went home after one week in the US, and now it’s fall darkness there.  These are only memories now, but wonderful ones from last Nov.
BOOMER CHICK MUSINGS – when the going get’s tough, the tough get creative…
Let’s see…how do I describe the market?  Crazy, nuts?  A bubble?  A blurb?  The new normal?  
I have read so much stuff about why prices are climbing.  Why demand has out-paced supply.  Grab an interest rate while it’s hot.  
Then again…Inman News had an article that says the market is in over-drive and about to drive over the cliff.
Then again another Inman News article says don’t worry – be house happy!
So my take on it….as I’ve said before….if you can afford it…buy something to live in! 
Of course in New Zealand it might be a shipping container!  And even those are are fetching big NZ bucks as folks are using them to create businesses most anywhere and they are fab!  
But if/when the rates go up…the prices may come down because the buyer pool is smaller.  But I hope you can stay for a while or have a Plan B like renting your house/shipping container out….in case you need to move!  But as an American…watch out for the tax code!  Per today’s IRS code you need to live in the hovel for two of the previous five years to avoid getting stuck with a capital gains squeeze.  Check with your accountant!
These are NZ shipping containers….doing biz in Christchurch!  Pop Up Shops!  It’s a fascinating place and worth the trip!
Broker Tour Tuesday!  There were 10 new listings and of those, already there have been two of the 10 taken off the market temporarily!
Highest and Lowest Priced NEW listings this week.
Active and Pending listings this week,  65 and 83.  Back to more pendings.
ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!
Get me a facelift!  (3 way tie)
Alrighty!  That’s a wrap!  Carry on!  Make it work!  If you need vendor referrals give me a call…I might be able to help…after more than a couple of decades in biz here in Alameda…I may have some contacts!

Best, marilyn

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