THE SECOND STORY | May 2nd, 2013

Bike to work…Alameda!

These are bike ties:  for tying bikes up!  These are in Christchurch, New Zealand and I saw them (and quite a few other designs) when I went to visit my daughter and her husband last November!  But this Tuesday, May 7, some of the Realtors are riding their bikes on the broker tour to honor 

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I had just come back from riding my bike on a broker tour day.  So that made it a Tuesday here in Alameda.  Depending on what’s being shown, I’m back either side of 1pm.  
I saw a couple of neighbors talking in the middle of the street.  So  I rode over to them to say “Hi, wha’s up?”  Then another neighbor came along and joined us.  
Then the mail person came along and looked at us in the middle of the street.  He kind of shook his head.  Hhmm…I wondered if he was shaking it because we were in the street.  “Hey,” he said, “Don’t any of you people have regular jobs around here?  “Our response…”NO!”  
One was a professional camera man.  One was a retired doctor.  Another one is a doctor, not retired, and on and on!  One on the street works strictly out of his house for a large company.  And I’m a real estate broker and my late husband was a yacht designer with an office over at Alameda Marina.
Not one of us had a ‘typical’ working day like some of our parents.  And that’s when I decided (after about 20 years in the ‘hood), that this is why I love this area!  
I guess it may have been a bit hard to grasp for the mail person, who had a good job working regular daylight hours.  But this is the way life IS today!  Nothing is normal.  Everything is weird.  Nothing is the same.  Everything is always changing.  
We don’t always knows what makes up a neighborhood.  People grow into it.  New kids. Babies appear.  Grandkids come and go. Students graduating from high school then college. Kids starting on their own but not quite ready to leave home.  Folks starting fresh.  Folks keeping up the grind.  Folks retiring. Folks coming in.  Folks coming out.  Folks leaving.  Folks showing amazing diversity.  
And we just keep meeting in the middle of the street, to catch up.  And then we head back to whatever we’re doing.  That’s a neighborhood.
Highest and Lowest Priced NEW listings this week.
Active and Pending listings this week  55, 83
ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this only my perspective!
That’s a wrap!  Make it work!  Carry on!  Stay cool…it’s supposed to cool down this weekend!

best, marilyn

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