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Alameda – Sellers! Are you asking these questions of agents you are interviewing?

I cut my first roses yesterday….and they are coming in strong!  

I posted this on Bay Area Real Estate Trends today….so it’s here now!

It’s fourth grade in my small life.   I have three younger brothers.  That year I attended three different schools because my dad was transferred with his company.  From Costa Mesa (CA) to San Diego (CA), to La Jolla (CA) (to accommodate a relative coming to live with us), and then up to Daly City (CA) while our house was getting built in San Rafael (CA).

Now that’s a bit extreme.  But if you are selling a house in the midst of all the chaos, whatever it may be…interviewing is something you do want to do.  At the worst, you’ll find out about somebody who can do the job, has excellent skills and referrals, and at the best, you’ll find out more about the agent you have pre-selected.

I actually come with a list of questions for the seller to ask me besides the ones they already have!  And I encourage them to ask them of others they are interviewing.

1.  What is the list price to sales price ratio the last 60 days?
2.  What is your average number of days on the market in the last 90 days?
3.  What is the absorption rate of homes like mine in this area?
4.  Of the listings that you didn’t sell last year, why didn’t they sell?
5.  What is the percentage of time you represented buyers vs. sellers?
6.  How many homes did you sell last year?
7.  Can you give me a list of your top 10 clients with their contact info?
8.  Do you do any type of work besides real estate?
9.  How many people do you speak to each day about the real estate market?
10.  Can you show me a copy of your daily schedule?
11.  Do you use e-signatures in your business for facilitating the transaction?

May you never go through a time period like my mom.  She was really a saint in this.  And I learned to say good-bye to new friends and then make new-new friends very quickly!

Didn’t I tell you this?  Prices and interest rates.  WSJ

Broker Tour Tuesday 9 properties, 1 repeat; and with the wind…it was a good ride all the way out to the western edge of 94502, and back up to beyond the College of Alameda!

Highest & Lowest Priced New Listings

Active and Pending Listings this week…46, 79 (all listings including comm’l)  

New  11 
the west end post office, owned by a private party, is on the market, with a 5 year option for the USPO to renew shortly…the agent doesn’t think it will be shut down by the government tenant.  Let me know if you have questions.
Price change  1
Pending  8
Sold  12
Withdrawn/temporarily  1
Withdrawn/cancelled  1

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!
Winner of the Week
These BayPort floor plans are certainly modern compared to so many.  And they seem well-built after 3-5 years of existence.  There are many floorplans and I can’t keep track of their names….but this is the second largest, I believe, and has a suite downstairs,  and upstairs has another 4 bedrooms (3 baths).   This works for folks who have an in-law situation, a nanny, or regular guests.  The reason I do like these is because you aren’t buying a garage with a house attached.  The full house is shown and the garage is accessed in the back.  And it’s so close to the tube, and the ferry.

That’s a wrap!  Carry on!  Make it work!  

If you need vendor referrals, let me know..I may be able to provide one or three!  

Also if you know of someone who is moving…I’m happy to make a referral to an excellent CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) near that area.  This is a US wide Realtor organization (I’ve been one since 1999), and they are the top 3-5% of agents in the US based on income and/or number of transactions).  Wonderful!

best, marilyn

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