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Stories behind the properties….in Alameda

The mock cherry tree in the back yard….getting ready to fully bloom then leaf out!

AGH!  The aphids are eating, with gusto, the roses!  I was out spraying them until about 6:30 last night…and then I went to church (testimony meeting), to pray that they may go elsewhere and not harm anything!
Boomer Chick Musings  – one person’s take (mine!) on what’s going on out there!
I wonder why banks, financial institutions, and any other money-holding entities, are allowed to function so far above the law and/or so far below the law.

Why don’t they just declare they want to make money and then do it without the shenanigans of the government behind them.  Lay it all out there for folks to make a decent decision about what they like for risk.  I know the sales people say that’s what they do… but I think we’re not asking the right questions.  Then the consumer can either take it or leave it or search for another risk.

Run the banks, financial institutions, and any other money-holding entities, like real-people businesses.  Loads of businesses have gone under these past years….but have the banks?  Hhmmm….not so much…they are taken over by another huge bank and then ultimately WE pay, with taxpayer $. 

The world’s latest country heading south, way south, is the country of Cyprus….check this out from The Atlantic.  Each time this happens every other country is forced to deal with it and they all suffer. 
The folks in our Congress have allowed this to happen, along with the (uninformed, unknowing, uncaring, and highly paid) regulators.  Is it possible to have people, real people who can understand and tell other real people (us) about what these ‘institutions’ invest in?  If they can’t tell me, I’m sorry they won’t get my measly business.  If you can find one person…let me know.  I’d like to chat with him/her and then have them show me exactly how they make their money with charts that mean something.  How they have changed their model since the meltdown?  In the long run….I bet they haven’t.
When I was a small tyke we put put money each week into our individual envelopes at school, and got our bankbook marked with our deposit, and then returned to us.  It literally was just a few cents.  But it gave the whole picture of what earning interest was…the amount was a tad bit larger one month after the other.  The bank used our money and returned a small amount of the profit back to us.  I could understand that.  But now?  It’s time to get the financing agencies to get back to basics.

If a bank wants to make a mortgage…let them hold it!  Don’t sell it in the secondary market.  But how do they keep making mortgages?  Maybe more investors will invest in the bank…and not the security instruments.  Maybe they declare they’ve met their top limit, that they aren’t making more mortgages today. 

I had a meeting over tea (for her) and hot chocolate (for me) today with a friend (and also a client).  Her husband is teaching college students about finances, ethics, and the like.   Go get them, Dave.  Teach them before the vultures get to them!    

And by the way…I got three credit card invitations just in one day.  That’s telling me the predators are really back in biz…doing the same old thing.

sorry about the rant…I know its too simple, but really….


Broker Tour Tuesday
8 new properties…A good bike ride…fairly long!  Boo on the guy who didn’t have any signs out for his condo at The Willows.   And the other out-of-town agents on Buena Vista who didn’t know who to call for the proper tour times.  Bad agents.  The second ones were nice…but they lost potential biz.

Highest and Lowest New Listings
The highest has a HUGE lot (2 acres in Alameda!) and it’s on the lagoon, in the Gold Coast, but not considered habitable.  Check it out.  It will require an all cash buyer, with three potential individual buyers having the first right of refusal.  Questions?  Give me a call.

Active and Pending listings this week….41, 85

New  9
BOM (back on market) 1
Price change  1
Pending  20
Sold  4

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!
Buy a garage…get a house!
Big garage!  Actually a big house…needs some work (the house)!

OKAY!  That’s a wrap, carry on, make it work.  Sorry for the rant…had to let it out!  Got questions about any particular property?  Give a call…sellers, you may want to know what’s like it that has sold….buyers, you may want some details.

best, marilyn

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