THE SECOND STORY | March 21st, 2013

Spring has sprung in Alameda and inventory is up…kinda!

The flowers are beginning to bloom (my roses), and the containers in the back yard are waiting for veggies!  The blooms in the front window of the house are Trader Joe’s specials…daffodils, for a buck twenty-nine each handful!  Too great!
Boomer Chick Musings – my take on what I see happening out there in my little world.  
I won’t bore you with what you already know….but finally the National Association of Realtors has officially found out what every consumer already knows….the inventory is really low!   Really?  And prices are up!  Really?  I guess it takes real numbers for them to get it…that’s why they have to work behind what the market says is going on today.
I get to talk to lots of people every week…agents on the broker tour; clients with whom I’ve closed transactions, folks I am working with right now; in the store (shopping for TJ’s flowers) with folks who recognize me and start asking questions (pardon me if I have that look that is trying to remember how/where/when we met – I do usually figure it out);  or even in another agent’s open house (last weekend) that I’m showing clients to….hey, we met you at San Antonio when you had that for sale!  Why yes, you did (like 3 years ago?)!  Or, better yet….on the golf driving range!
Everybody has something to say! Interest rates are low…people are hanging on to their homes….one gentleman at the range said he was getting hand written letters every day about agents having the perfect buyer for him RIGHT NOW!  
Problem is, as the golfer said, he would like to downsize but it cost lots of money for something smaller and older and not up to his standards!  He’d just as soon wait until he really decides to buy.  And he won’t sell if he doesn’t have something to buy!  So unless he’s planning on moving his wife to the boondocks (and they are not into that) setting up a household in a shack with some hoodies on their heads, in the way out back, they won’t be moving any time soon!
And there we have it!  Old news, right?

12 were on the market, 2 BFI townhomes (nearly at their high), and 5 were repeats had been taken off the market previously…didn’t sell!  End of BFI  to end of the main islandit was a good bike ride!
Active and Pending listings this week…51, 75
I should have mentioned this last week…if you see an S at the end of a listing…that’s a Short Sale!  If you see an R at the end of a status…that’s a bank repo…Real Estate Owned.  That just happened in the mls last week.
ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective.
Cute, charming (tied)  Noble doesn’t have any parking on a street that usually uses it all up!
Get me to rehab  this just came on so I didn’t see it this week but it’s on Central, across from Foster’s Freeze near the entry to Crown Beach, and I know the agent so when he says it is all cash, and there are code compliance issues with the City…he means it!  Will check it out maybe over the weekend.
Quick turnaround  These folks bought it last July for 840K and they are moving out of the country so it’s for sale again..for 879K.
A Place for Small & Skinny People  
Okey dokey…that’s a wrap, make it work, carry on!  Call/email me if you have comments, questions, answers, whatever!
best, m 

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