THE SECOND STORY | January 24th, 2013

WHOA! Alameda Victorian to be transformed!

It’s fun to watch houses get completely rehabbed here in Alameda.  on a major street like Central…almost every one sees what an owner chooses not to do, and when a fence goes up around it that means the city probably has taken over through the court process due to public hazards. 

This one at 1617 Central has had a long fight (I easily found records on the internet back to 1985), now won by the city, with loads of code enforcement issues on/in it.  The new owner (a woman with some expertise as a rehabber) has the crew digging in and digging out immediately.

This is one to slow down (or park) on Central, just west of Grand, to at least see the outside as it moves onward.

If it is in Alameda, I will consider working it.  This town is what I know best!  Call to ask questions!  Maybe we should meet.

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Got me a facelift (a flip and what it used to be like)
I saw this when it was a total mess: roof falling in, windows leaking, hoarders lived there, much pest work throughout the house.  It had to be purchased with cash and without having a real view of anything.  It was on the market for 205K and sold for 308K.  Now it’s on the market for 449K.  It will in interesting to see what it sells for.  Kitchen doesn’t have much storage, there is no garage, a minimal back yard (huge by San Francisco dog-lovers), windows haven’t been upgraded, fireplace has some huge gaps in it, and it’s on a busy street.  hhmmm.
Get ready for shredding on Feb 23, 9-noon!  It’s all free! 
Call for info!
Client and friends who come get a fab bag…folds up flat and unfolds to huge!  Super durable! 
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