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Neighborhood Watches plus My Shredding Party!

I’m promoting my Shredding Party for clients and friends!
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Boomer Chick Musings – my take on what the heck is happening out there.
Every neighborhood should have/needs a Neighborhood Watch.  Doesn’t matter who does it, how it’s done.  The area covered could be a block, maybe several, but if folks don’t know each other, they at least may have one item in common.  They live right there…and they want to find out what’s going on.  
I got a call this week from a lady.  She said her car was stolen.  Turns out she had left it in front of the house for 2 weeks.  This town tows cars that are left in one place for 72 hours.  So 2 weeks….not so good.   Good news…she got the car back with no damage where it was parked in Oakland, in a couple of days.  Off it went to the Neighborhood Watch, via email.  (A very good neighbor helped me put it into a great excel spread sheet a couple of years ago…thank you, Jed!)

Then a neighbor told me about another guy whose car was stolen.  I asked if I could get his number and call him. He also got his car back, undamaged but with some car items taken.  He wasn’t on the Watch so wasn’t so sure about what he was being asked to do!  Once I explained it to him he got it.  I think he was thinking we actually patroled the ‘hood or watched out for people we don’t know.  Not so much.  It’s about communicating!
Next, on Tuesday, I went with friends to the Oakland Speaker Series at the Paramount Theatre.  It was great (Robert Gates)!  When we walked back to our respective autos, windows were broken on several cars, including my friend’s.  It was so disappointing.  The Oakland PD was called, and the owner of the car was told to report it on   Of course, he had insurance.  The OPD has no time for this stuff.
Who do you call who cares?  Who really cares when that happens?  I’ll tell you…it’s the person that it happened to.  I know a young woman who was held up by gunpoint a few weeks ago, near her apartment in Uptown Oakland.  She threw her purse down the street  and got out of there.  She was fine.  But she is moving to San Francisco.  Uptown is no fun when things go downtown bad.

Here in Alameda, we have several things going for us.  We do have a responsive police force.  We have limited island off and on access.  And we can and must do what we can as neighbors.  We just need to keep our heads up and our eyes wide open.  Let the cops do what they do best.  And talk to folks walking or even riding a bike down the street…I’ve been giving big grins to folks when they look so dour.  And what a blast to get a big smile back!  That’s being a good neighbor.  

Just telling it like it is….because we are the best neighbors ever!

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OK!  That’s a wrap!  Make it work!  Carry on!  Collect your junk to shred!  Call/email if you want info about the Shredding Party or any other real estate info in Alameda!

best, marilyn

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