THE SECOND STORY | January 3rd, 2013

Happy 2013 New Year!

New Year’s Day, 2013!  
People were out at the beach enjoying everything that is good about Alameda and I was out taking photos on my bike all afternoon!  The city looked close enough that we might walk on water to get to San Francisco!  If that was a problem…we could have taken the ferry!

Boomer Chick Musings – what is going on out there?  Here’s my take….

Did you worry about the fiscal cliff before the year turned?  We had an idea that it might work out.  But did you think that they would just extend it by a couple of months? 

I think every member of the Congress needs to rethink who they are representing and what they need to do.  I have never seen a group of folks so inept and tied to the traditions that got them elected.

These are the people who ran on big money.  They need to figure out that they won’t be able to do it again the same way without looking at immigration, taxation, Medicare, Social Security, education, and blah blah blah. 

I wish we could have do-overs on the election.  We will be patiently waiting on their next moves.

The market in December

Here’s a recap of what has gone on in December and a small bit of January, 2013, as far as Alameda real estate goes.  Because the tour day is Tuesday, we didn’t have any tour (and usually it is small during the holidays) on Christmas or on New Year’s.  We’ll see what this Tues brings!

You’ll see not much is available at this time.   Understatement.  At this time there are only 4 pending sales subject to lender approval and only 3 foreclosures available.

I’ve had clients call me over the past weeks looking for income property.  If you didn’t know or haven’t noticed, rents are really up this past year.  And many are organizing their financing BUT…if there were deals to be made it was two years ago…when cash was king and prices were at all time lows in this cycle.

Active (all types of properties, including commercial) 22
New  4 (2 are relisted and show up as new)
Sold 3   check out the list price on Versailles vs the sold price (two houses on the lagoon)
Announcing my Shredding Party!
I’m going to have my 6th Annual Shredding Party and will announce the date when I have it (hopefully February)!  Anybody can come, but it’s especially directed to my clients, my neighbors, my church group, and my vendors!  But it’s free and we do a bang up business, rain or shine for 3 hours on a Saturday!  Stay tuned!   
Here’s to a good 2013…be happy, be healthy, be wise, and give me a call if you have questions about the market, if you need vendors (gave 3 referrals today), or want to have a chat about selling and/or buying!
Best, marilyn

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