THE SECOND STORY | December 6th, 2012

Who wants a good deal?

Who wouldn’t want the best deal possible? Meats, fruits, veggies, canned goods, a bike for Christmas, or dessert for a holiday meal…..nope.  How about residential LOANS! 
One friend said he got over 12 calls from a variety of loan folks who wanted his business through Costco.  Because my client is a smart guy, he decided to look them up on the CA Department of Real Estate and/or the CA Department of Corporations.  Hmm, nobody by that name was home. 
One “loan officer” said he was working on his license and was going to get it.  Another said he was just working for a friend.  
I asked another client who called me about a square footage issue, because the appraiser for the refi couldn’t make it work…the public record was not the same as what he measured.  The client emailed me when I was in New Zealand recently and I emailed our company’s Transaction Management Department.  They sent the proper info to me and I emailed it to the client, making sure it was exactly what he needed, before he saw it.  The city permit history (which is what we used to determine the proper size of the house) showed it was almost 500 square feet larger!  And that was accurate and legal! 
Turns out there was no charge for the appraisal (that tells me something), and I referred the client to a mortgage broker who can do the work properly for their home.
You’ve got choices.  Be thoughtful.  Be wise.  And don’t get messed up.  You’re not buying hamburger.  Call if you need some ideas.
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ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE THIS WEEK..and for the rest of this month!
After tonight, I put The Second Story into hibernation for the rest of the year.  It goes to sleep for the duration of December and wakes back up for the New Year on Jan 3rd.
All Alameda Properties
Active listings this week 43
Pending listings this week  57 (they are closing, based on last week)

Broker Tour Tuesday 4..saw 3 of them (1 was a repeat)

ALAMEDA REAL AWARDS THIS WEEK….remember this is only my perspective!
That’s a wrap for this year.  We’ll pick it all back up and put it together again in the new year with a review of December.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for the feedback.  

Get ready for the 6th Shredding Party, in February!  I’ll announce it as it gets closer!

Happy Holidays!  (I’m working and playing, but not writing the real estate blog….)

best, marilyn

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