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Alameda….home sweet home!

Hello America!  This photo was taken on a road trip with my daughter, Sutter, just a very few weeks ago!  I can’t even remember where we were except that it was at the brewery for the beer of New Zealand, with Tui, the NZ bird.  Now I don’t drink so my lack of remembering can’t be blamed on blacking out …but we saw so much, and did so much, I only know this was early on!  The ad theme for the beer is stating something that is obvious, and following it up with ‘yeah, right.’  So we had the opportunity to make our own signs.

Alameda is home for me, and NZ is for Sutter and Sean, and San Diego for son Evan and his wife, Erin!  The signs say it all!

Boomer Chick Musings – one chick’s take on what’s happening in this world – mine!

Making the community aware that plastic bags are being eliminated on the first of the year…..There will be a bag exchange (bring a plastic bag, get a new bag in compliance with the law) from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, December 1 in the parking lot behind City Hall, at the corner of Oak Street and Santa Clara Avenue.

COMMENTARY – Hard, wet; and pets
I’ve been back one week….and getting away from it all is wonderful!  And thank goodness for the partners that I have!

But some confusion has been revealed…

What’s the difference between ‘hard’ signatures, and ‘wet’ signatures?  Who is defining it?  Where is it written in stone (or on paper)?  We recently had a transaction where the lender wanted ‘wet’ signatures.  To me, that meant getting the blue pen and having the seller sign her name on the contract and the buyer also. Then that exact document would be delivered to the lender.  If someone had asked for ‘hard’ signatures, that would mean the sigs could be faxed.  
So I brought it up at an office meeting and there was confusion, again!  So…if a lender wants the seller and buyer to sign the contract, I need to be sure what (s)he really wants.  And I’ll ask before I get it done.  Getting ‘wet’ sigs is harder than getting faxed sigs.  And if I see something in writing about it…I’ll share it!

Next item.  For folks who have or are considering purchasing units:  From my monthly magazine Rental Housing put out by the East Bay Rental Housing Association, Nov 2012.  
These are excerpts regarding therapy pets and companion animals and the confusion the subject creates.

This question was answered by Clifford Fried.  To recap – Federal Law requires an applicant to “document the need for a service animal, including a “companion animal,” the landlord must allow the animal in the rental unit.”  I get this totally.

Here’s the part that I didn’t get, and still don’t.  “Under Federal law, a service animal is a dog or miniature horse that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.”  
(And CA has it’s own set of rules that includes reasonable accommodation for the situation, and it is stricter than the Federal law.)
A MINIATURE HORSE?  REALLY?   As Mr Fried said “The miniature horse lobby must wield great influence in Washington.” 

We closed my listing at 1373 Hansen this week for 815K.  
It’s been mostly quiet, as folks are winding up for the holidays, and winding down after them.  Inventory is super low, even with the holidays, and it will be interesting to see what happens to it as the new year comes in.  
All Alameda Properties (includes commercial) 
Active listings  35 (31 residential)
Pending listings 99
Broker Tour Tuesday only 3 new listings

Alrighty!  That’s a wrap!  Make it work!  Carry on!  Call if you need vendors or have questions!

Best, Marilyn

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