THE SECOND STORY | November 1st, 2012

Alameda won’t be the same….well, maybe.

This is a tree.  The tree is in front of a sunset.
The tree is at Crab Cove.
The tree looks lonely.  
I took a picture of it.
This post will be the last one, until I come back to Alameda on Thanksgiving Day! I’m going to New Zealand to see Sutter, my daughter, and Sean, her husband! Yippee!  And a family is staying at the house who would have been homeless for that time because they are putting in a second bathroom and it’s too hard to live in that mess!  I sold them their house years ago, and it happened just perfectly that we could help each other out!
I have partners who are handling my business while I’m gone.  Thanks Coly and Denise G! 
Boomer Chick Musings – one chick’s check on what is really happening out there!
What drives me nuts…..people who flip houses for sale and profit and won’t finish them off!  Don’t get me wrong…there are some excellent flippers out there.  But if you are in the market you see the flops.
Like pieces of trim that are missing, in random spots that I can see easily.
Like old windows because it is both too expensive and too cumbersome in Alameda to get done.
Like not having any stair railings, so folks won’t fall down the stairs (inside and outside).
Be sure you want to do those jobs if you bid on the property.  If you can’t do them yourselves, you need to factor the price into the bottom line.

Quick Glimpses
Does going green pay?  Check this out. 
Broker Tour Tuesday...8 on the tour but saw 3 of them on glorious Sunday!
All Alameda Properties
Active listings this week   53
Pending listings this week  130

This was a short post this week! 
Carry on!  Have a good break!  Have a great Thanksgiving!  best, marilyn

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