THE SECOND STORY | October 19th, 2012

Sharks are out there….watch out!

What does a computer wiz have in common with a contractor?  NOTHING!  

Get the computer dude or dudette to fix that gadget.  But don’t use somebody to fix your house, your kitchen, your bathroom unless they are a tried and true contractor.  And you should be able to find somebody who will show you, actually take you, to clients homes and show you what s/he has done! And you can talk to the customer!

So don’t find yourself bitten by a shark that is slowly circling around to get you.  And these days, even if you think you’ll be carried out of that house before you sell it,  every consumer is thinking “wonder if that person got the work on permits?”  Please do.  It will save you lots of $$ and maybe a lawsuit later. 

As one of our dear family friends use to say….”You only cry once.”  She meant that you may pay very good money…but you will only cry that one time…because what you have is something that will make you very happy for a very long while.

At least talk to contractors.  Some will be high.  Some will be low.  But you’ll soon have the questions ready at hand.  And never pay more than 10% up front as a deposit.  It’s the law.  And put in writing what and when your expectations are/will be.  And check the State Contractors Licensing Board.  It’s a piece of cake to find out if he’s current on his insurance and license.

Call me if you have questions.  I might have some answers.

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Broker Tour Tuesday8 properties, all on the main island, from all the way east to all the way west!  A good bike ride and some pretty expensive 1 bedroom houses on a per square foot basis!

All Alameda types of properties
Active listings this week  57
Pending sales this week  68

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week – 
gave the highest to 5 units, but also a 970K house 1315 Court.

New 13
BOM – Back On Market  3
Price changes  3
Pending  15 
Sold   15
Expired  1

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK….remember this is only my perspective.
Cute, charming
Get me to rehab!

That’s a wrap!  Carry on!  Make it work!  I hear there will be meteor showers before the rain showers!

Watch a shooting star!  

best, marilyn

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