THE SECOND STORY | September 14th, 2012

Back on March 7 2012, in Alameda

The photo to the left is a set of paper clips shaped like bikes!  They are too neat to use on papers that will get tossed so I taped them to one of my bookshelves.  Soo cool!  Thanks, Ann!

Boomer Chick Musings – one chick’s take on life! Mine!

I had a nice bike ride out to Jim’s at the Course where we have our Alameda Association of Realtors marketing meeting.  After it I realized I needed to check the front tire because I heard a clicking.  Sure enough there was a nail.  Two wonderful folks offered me a ride to Cycle City on High Street.  John from Chipman Moving (on my vendor list), gave me a ride and when we got there, no nail!  I’d thought I’d lost my mind!  Anyway, it fell off: no harm, no foul, no flat.  So I rode back to Bay Farm Island, and picked up the ride where I started.  Then worked my way all the way west to Haight and 2nd.  Nice ride and no flat tire!

Another date for a turn aroundin hindsight, always
March 7, 2012 is the day I decided the Alameda market had turned around.  From that point on properties were closing higher and higher, some with all cash, others with buyers tossing more money towards the appraisal.

At that time I had a listing wallowing since November.  People looked but they hadn’t gotten organized among themselves to decide it was time to buy.  On March 7 I had numerous offers on the wallowing listing and I started thinking…what is this? And it’s been a time of limited supply and higher prices.

Will we get to any type of normal?  AARGH!

Quick Glimpses!  Alameda is among the 100 Best Cities for Young People!

 OCT Walkability revised

 Broker Tour Tuesday! 9 new listings

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW listings

Active Listings this week  61
Pending Listings this week 136

New  10
BOM (back on market)  2
Price changes  2
Pending  26  another BIG week
Sold  13
Withdrawn temporarily  2
Withdrawn/canceled  2
Expired  2

I need a facelift

That’s it for this week! Carry on!  Make it work!  Have a good weekend!  Call me if you have any questions about this market!  Really!

best, marilyn

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