THE SECOND STORY | August 9th, 2012

Alameda doesn’t have a town dock.  But Monterey does!  I went down on Thursday eve and came back on Saturday eve.   And this is a photo of their town dock, at the end of Fisherman’s Wharf.   I took my golf clubs and my bike.  The Monterey fog bank was the order of the “days”, and I chose to go bike riding, rather than golfing the day after the class.  I rode about half of 17 Mile Drive, plus another 6 miles to get to it, and only walked one hill!  And didn’t walk any on the ride back.  It was lovely.

I was there this time a week ago for a CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) seminar on Friday and it was awesome!  I love the CRS classes.  They are jammed pack with totally current info and hopefully I will put some of that into play the next weeks.  I had a head full of stuff and slowly I have been able to sort it out!

Boomer Chick Musings (one chick’s check on today’s times – me!) 

This doesn’t necessarily fall into real estate, but it does involve people!  We had a really nice National Night Out with the Neighborhood Watch, on Tuesday evening.  There was a nice visit with the cops, and they answered questions and concerns as best they could.  I’ve been the ‘watch captain’ since the first years we moved to this house…and we’ve kept it going!

My clients have two transactions closing tomorrow.  One is a buyer of a condo at 2515 Central #103, and the other is 2852 Burgner (Bay Farm Island).  I’ll post the sale prices a bit later, after they’ve close.

I have a couple of east end listings coming in the next two weeks…so watch out for those.

Broker Tour Tuesday!  16 were NEW on the market and it was quite good ride (flat compared to the small hills along Monterey’s coast) but when you want to see most of the hosues in a 2-3 hour window it’s fast to get all the way west in Alameda!

Want to know how long it takes buying to pay off over renting?  Check this out from Zillow.

Highest and Lowest Price NEW listings this week.

Active Listings this week  -75
Pending Listings this week – 131 

New 9
Back on Market  3
Price Changes  7
Pending  21 
watch this for a bunch of closing in 30-35 days.
Sold  7
Expired  1
Withdrawn/canceled  1

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK….remember this is only my perspective!
Get me to rehab!  Quickly!
corner of Maitland and Island Drive @ Bay Farm Island

That’s a wrap!  Carry on! Make it work!

Call if you have questions…about vendors, about the market!  Met with some folks who needed a good plumber and I talked to him two days later, and he had already been called!  YAY Ethan!

best, Marilyn

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