THE SECOND STORY | August 2nd, 2012

New York? No, Alameda.

Don’t you think your mom or dad or someone, including the shoes owner, would miss them?   Maybe the person would look up and say, “Hey – are those mine?  I wondered where they went.” (as he looked down at his bare feet).
I’ve only been to NYC a couple of times but this fire escape with the sneakers on it reminded me of it.  This is the Masonic Building at Park Street at Alameda Avenue.
One chick’s check on today’s times (me!). 

It has been busy, busy, and kind of an education week for me too.  Tuesday I didn’t see any of the Broker Tour because I went to the SF Hilton for the Inman Agent Reboot conference all day.  I like the format because the speakers are set for 15 minutes and have to get their message out in that time.  We just sat there and watched it go by!  
This graphic was done by CA Association of Realtors this week.  Take a look and see where you fit in!  It beats looking a a regular chart!
home prices

Active Listings this Week  81
Pending Listings this Week  119

New  9
BOM (back on market)  2
Active/Contingent  1
Price Changes  2
Pending  22
Sold  15
Expired  4
Withdrawn Temporarily  1
Withdrawn/Canceled  5

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…..this is only my perspective!
None this week….I didn’t get out to see them due to the conference I attended!  Boo-hoo.
If you have questions about the market, give a call.  We are seeing a number back on the market but they are being picked up quickly.
Carry on!  Make it work! Have a good weekend!  Check out my recent testimonial!  (on pages, top of the  blog!). 

Best,  Marilyn

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