THE SECOND STORY | July 19th, 2012

Alameda has more than houses…..

…we grow fruits & veggies in the garden!  This is what’s in the back yard.  I’ve got wonderful lettuce that I pick fresh each day, and dot them with these incredible yellow/orange tomatoes!  They taste like ‘tomato candy.’  Really!  Just fill a few black plastic containers with good dirt with Miracle Gro…and it seems most anything can grow…and it can’t be beat!

Boomer Chick Musings – one chick’s take on life (me!).

We have two new pending sales….214 L Cypress (Woodstock) and 2852 Burgner.   I’ve got a couple of new listings in the works but they will be on in August!

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week

Broker Tour Tuesday!   Rode to most of the listings.  There were 12 new listings.   3211 Liberty was on the market less than 24 hours and went pending.  1412 Grove  was a total fixer and that had an offer in less than 24 hours.  It makes me wonder if they are getting the best price out there….so many buyers couldn’t get there at that time, and no published open houses.  hhhmmm.

Active listings this week  78
Pending listings this week 133

New  10
BOM  1 (back on the market)
Price changes  4
Pending  23  look for a bunch of these to close in 30 days, plus or minus
Sold  6
Withdrawn temporarily  1
Expired  2

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!
Get me to rehab!  This doesn’t look like it from the outside but it’s a mess inside.  The listing agent also sold it. quickly.

That’s it!  Have a good weekend!  Carry on!  Make it work! 

best, marilyn

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I arrived in Alameda in 1973, as a new bride...with husband Carl Schumacher, both of us from Newport Beach. He was embarking on his career as a Naval Architect (i.e. yacht designer) under Gary Mull. Please see the 'ABOUT ME' page in this website! to see how it has all turned out! I'm so blessed!