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Crossing over… Alameda!

How many bridges does Alameda have?  That was a question at one of our last Inforum meetings, where Realtors gather at Jim’s at the Course monthly, have some breakfast, and talk about real estate in Alameda.

The answers were obvious…and not so obvious.  We have the four  bridges: High Street, Fruitvale (road and train crossing), and Park Street, all over the estuary.  We have the bike bridge next to the Bay Farm Island Bridge.  We have two bridges: one on Grand Street before Otis (over the lagoon), and one at Ballena Bay (over the bay where boats dock).    I think that was it!  Maybe I left one out…..

This photo is at Fruitvale, and I wasn’t going anywhere soon, so I stopped and shot. 

Boomer Chick Musings (one chick’s take on life – me!)


PSL – Private Sewer Lateral 
We have a “about to be newer” sewer lateral ordinance.  We’ve had the current one for 20 years.  And thank goodness because it has saved us the grief that Oakland is going through now.  They got the same order to put it in place all those years ago.  Oakland decided to ignore it.  Now they are paying.  A lot.  There is a $4500 upfront fee payable to EBMUD, as a deposit for each lateral that is tested. There are two agencies that have to watch the test (Oakland inspectors and EBMUD).  And everything seems to be a “full employment for  plumbers” game with the prices super high.  And it involves tearing up the streets too!

On the other hand, Alameda came away quite unscathed.  And it is supposed to start next Thursday, the 19th.  On the 19th, sewers still need to be tested upon sale but the Public Works Department is keeping records to show to the EPA.  So that means if there is a transfer (change of title, money or no money, into or out of a trust, bank repo, short sale…somebody’s got to pay).

The test is good for 7 years (rather than 5 years) if it passes or if there is a repair.  If there is a full replacement, then it is good for 20 years (rather than 25 years).  All condos, townhomes, co-ops, even single family homes that  have a common sewer line (Costa Brava at the Harbor Bay Community, for example), must be in compliance in 10 years.  Now that sounds fine, except that some of these groups may have to rustle up some $ in order to get this paid for.  So the city is suggesting that they have a plan at year 5 to pay for the event.  AND all non-residential properties are included also in the 10 year plan (all commercial, leased, professionally managed, you name it…they’ve got to do it too).

Also, if there is a remodel of a property of $90,000 or more, that involves obtaining a plumbing permit, it is subject to the rules.

And that’s all the dirt and sewage I have to dig up on this subject.  Call if you have questions.  Everybody will when it comes time!

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week

Broker Tour Tues! 
A great bike ride all around!

Active listings this week  88 
Pending listings this week 119

New  16
BOM (back on market)
Price changes  4
Pending  16
Sold  18
Withdrawn temporarily  2
Withdrawn/canceled  1
Expired  1
ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!
Winner!  I think this is a flip and it seems like a great, updated duplex (circa 1881?)

OK!  That’s a wrap!  See you @ Crab Cove on Friday evening for another summer concert!  

best, marilyn

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