THE SECOND STORY | July 5th, 2012

Selection? Not so much in Alameda!

Housing inventory?  Not so much, here in Alameda, and prices are heading upward.

On the other hand, the 4th of July parade had lots of entries this year and no real lapses in it.  It was perfect weather…a nice intermittent cooling breeze, with warm sun.  Here’s a photo of the Statue of Liberty, just up the street from me!  She’s a year round fixture!

Boomer Chick Musings (one chick’s take on life – me!)

Alameda Real Estate This Week….
If you haven’t read about the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) you may want to be aware of it.  It’s one of the types of loans used for adjustable financing.  It is the most volatile out there to us common folk.   There is a chance that this may be the next big thing coming down the pipeline to wreck the economy.

I have read a bit about it on my own, but met up with friends while searching out my piece of the curb for the parade.  I sold Dave and his wife, Marthe, a house many years ago.  Now, he’s teaching some classes on ethics and finance at the college level, and he knows a lot about the Libor because of his real job.  He referred me to the CNN article here.  Ethics and Finance, now there’s a set of topics for the idiots at these banks.

Highest and Lowest Priced listings this week.  The high listing is rather amazing and I saw it when it was in it’s glory.  But over the past years, while being a great location for a movie set, it has now become a REO, and fallen on bad times.

Broker Tour Tuesday!  A great day for a wonderful bike ride!

Active listings this week  81
Pending sales this week  129

New   8
BOM (back on market)  2
Price changes  1
Pendings  17
Solds  17
Withdrawn/canceled  1
Expired  1

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week….remember this is only my perspective!
Grand Dame becomes Old Lady…it doesn’t show it in the photos but….

Make it work!  Carry on no matter what!  I’ve got to get my flag out of the dark and into the house!  
best, marilyn

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