THE SECOND STORY | June 21st, 2012

Sun is going down and rates are following!

Sun is going down and rates are following!
(Alameda’s South Shore Beach last winter.)
Why does it matter to you?  One agent I spoke with today said he had refinanced 13 times as rates continued to fall!  And the next one was next week!  When he gets rates @ 2.99 for 7+/- years at no cost….and his paperwork only needs to be updated for the same lender who’s to complain?  Now remember that’s a short term but it’s an option if he plans on paying that mortgage off!       Read on        
One chick’s take on life today (that’s me!)
We closed 3210 Encinal this week for the Sellers.  It was listed for 539K.  When they bought it 7 years ago, they paid 569K on a 539K list price.  Plus they paid about 100K for some remodeling upstairs that got them a new kitchen, a new full bath, and a back deck.  This time it closed for 606K.  There were 7 offers and all but one was over asking.  This agent was smart and got his inspections BEFORE they wrote an offer, including getting an engineer out to satisfy the buyers regarding a capped brick foundation.  Now the Sellers didn’t make all their money back, but they weren’t short either, having paid the principal down a fair amount.  And what happened when it didn’t appraise?  The Buyers had the money to add to the principal.  They decided that if they didn’t buy this house that they loved…..they’d be priced out of the market. 
Check out 3 recent sales this week where the price went way over!

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week.   I love the photo of the traffic signal for the lowest priced listing.  Is this the best they can do?

Broker tour this week....11 on the tour…

Active Listings this week….72
Pending Listings this week…129

New  16
BOM (Back on Market)  2
Price Changes  3
Pending  12
Sold  26 
this is the wrap up from last month’s pending blast…these have closed!
Withdrawn temporarily  2
Expired  2

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK....remember this is only my perspective!
Winner  this is a very original Harbor Bay Home but the staging makes it look so functional, and the price is right.
Cute, photos…(how awful is that, and the seller is still doing work in the place), but you’ll see the printed word and the price…
Get me to rehab!  This is a 3 way tie.  1033 Broadway was filled with nicotine addicts, and the walls were amazing to see….the outline of pictures showed more of what the walls should have been.  Hold your breath!

I’ll be at 2852 Burgner on Sunday 2-4!  Check it out or just come by and say hi!

That’s a wrap!  Make it work!  Carry on!

best, marilyn


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