THE SECOND STORY | June 1st, 2012

Getting your ducks in a row….

This is what I’m talking about…getting all your stuff lined up, ready to go.  Either buyers or sellers.  You’ve got to have a plan.   (By the way, this was at Crown Beach at the pond…early this week when I was on a bike ride, late in the day.  There had to be 3 dozen of these ducklings learning to get their act together.)  
If you are either a Buyer or a Seller there are tons of things to do to position yourself to come out ahead.  
Buyers, make a loan application, and see if you can live with what the bank is willing to give you.   Then get to your agent (whom you have interviewed and who knows your market) and see what is on the market…if anything.  Maybe there will be some inventory, maybe there is nothing in your price range, maybe you wait and see if something does show up for you…but your agent should be honest with you about what you are facing.  Recently I had an agent do inspections ahead of when an offer date was made…so he could be competitive for his buyers.  And that is what it takes.
Sellers, in most cases, unless the property dictates that it will be a cash sale due to condition, you have to put some time and effort into the job of selling or having it done for you.  When I recently sold a car (my dad’s Prius), I got the car detailed, made sure had decent tires (I drove it to Alameda from S CA in the rain and the tires, unknown to me, were on their last legs), took it to the shop to make sure there were no warranty items, and… I priced it right!  It took 5 minutes between when I posted the ad and when he called.  He was the only buyer.  By noon the next day, I didn’t own it anymore.  And that is what it takes.  
If you have questions about how the market works….give a call.  I don’t bite, I’m not terribly ugly, I have a very decent business, I am willing to continue to learn.   Tra-la!
Boomer Chick Musings….  another take on life.
BAND AT THE PARK!  Next Friday is the first  of 3 summer concerts at Crown Beach.  It’s a cover band of the Beach Boys!  Should be great…even if it’s cold and foggy!  I think it starts about 5:30!  I expect to ride my bike there and avoid parking a car.

Tuesday Broker Tour   7 on the tour…
ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…remember this is only my perspective!

So that’s a wrap!  Carry on despite what life throws at you!  Call if you need assistance w/ real estate!

best, marilyn

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