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Questions you should ask a buyer’s agent….

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I put 3210 Encinal on the market this week.  Check out the website!  It has all the info anybody could want!  It is very sweet and agents were swarming over it!  It will be open 2-4 on Sunday!  Come by! 

Asking questions of the agent you might like to represent you as a buyer is imperative!  See what you think of these.  I’ve used them and modified them over the years.

1. How long have you been in the business.
2. What part of the business do you focus on.
3. What geographic area(s) are you most familiar with?
4. Do you work full or part-time?
5. Do you personally preview properties on a weekly basis?
6. Do you have a team or are you a sole practitioner? (A team could mean the agent has agents under him/her that work with buyers, has assistants.  This can be either good or bad depending on the expectations of the buyer for communication, reaching the person in charge.  Do you ever see or meet the ‘agent’ who will write the offer?
7. How does your business get done when you are out of town? (Is there a partner/partners with whom they work to cover for each others transactions?
8. What are your travel plans for the time I expect to be in this buying process?
9. Do you have a lender you prefer to work with?  May I call some of your clients who recently used that person?
10. May I have a list of transactions you have closed in the past 12 months (ask for a copy of the MLS printout which would shows the agent’s name as representing the Buyer or Seller).
11. May I contact some of your recent clients?
12. How do you prefer to communicate?  (voice mail, email, texting)
13. What is your method and how often do I get market updates? (email, calls, blogging)
14. Do you have a list or can your offer vendor referrals for various housing needs and repairs, insurance, etc.
15. Do I need to sign a contract with you to be able to work with you?
16. What happens if a commission offered is less than ‘standard’.  Will you still work with me or am I on my own?
17. Please explain costs and fees associated with a transaction in this area (point of sale ordinances, transfer taxes, which party pays title and escrow fees).  Please provide me a copy of closing costs.
18. What can I expect to pay for inspection costs?  What inspections do you recommend?
19. May I have a copy of a standard contract you use so I can look it over?
20. Do you use Docusign for electronic signatures to maximize efficiencies and minimize time?

Give it a try!  It will make you feel like a consumer and get some answers!  And if the agent is good, he/she will have his/her own list of questions for YOU to answer!

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings

Broker Tour  15 and 1 repeat!

New  14
Price changes  5
Pending  20
Sold  10
Withdrawn temporarily  1
Withdrawn/canceled  6
Expired  4

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!
Cute, Charming
Grand Dame  This is the most beautiful house I’ve seen in 25 years in the Alameda real estate market.
Get me a facelift
Got me a HUGE makeover!

That’s a wrap!  Carry on!  Make it work!  

Come see me at 3210 Encinal Ave Sunday 2-4pm!

Best, Marilyn

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