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Rent control…

Blog photo:  Barren trees at Crown Beach, in the ‘summer’ of our winter.  Now it’s the ‘winter’ of our spring! 

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Rent control – This is a subject that I take so for granted that I didn’t realize that others weren’t familiar with it.

Alameda has NO rent control.  That means there is no limit for which you can charge rents!  But that also means we are a market driven economy and if you charge too high….it won’t get rented!  Rents have a way of working themselves out! 

One of the faults of rent control, unfortunately, is that it stops owners from doing improvements on the property and it becomes deferred.  They can’t raise the rent except by law which specifies how much the rent can go up…even if the units are glorious!!  And housing tends to be ignored.  If you look at Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Santa Monica you’ll find strong rent control.  Maybe that is why owners like to own in Alameda.

Alameda Community News Project There is a new ‘news’ daily blog for the city of Alameda.  Saying it wants to ‘increase the citizens civic IQ’  it is published by Michele Ellson, who last ran the Island Blog.  She regretfully laid it to rest, only to come back now with a team eager to spread real journalism about our city issues.  Check it out here…and sign up!

Shredding Party – No, not my own this year….too many others are doing it and it’s not the same buzz as a few years ago when I started it….no one had ever heard of one!  Anyway, State Farm, Kelly Lux is hosting one at her parking lot at 564 Park St, May 19th between 9-12!  And if you have ideas about the next new thing to do for my customers…let me know!  It’s got to be a service, fun, quick!

Quick Glimpes
Watch out for refinancing and taxes!

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week.

Tuesday Broker Tour –  wet and windy and only a few…not by bike!

New  7
BOM (back on market)  1
Price changes  10
Pending  23    check out the pendings!  WOW!
Sold  10
Withdrawn Temporarily  1
Withdrawn/Canceled  4
Expired  2

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!
Winner of the Week, Got me a Makeover!  for a Harbor Bay Home, I really liked this!

Odds on being BOM (back on market)  New Award!   This house is part of another property…backs to the bay.  Maybe I should just say that if an agent were local, they probably wouldn’t take it because they wouldn’t be able to sell it.  Questions, call me.

Last week’s cheapie at Harbor Bay for 259K  was a hoarder’s delight.  100’s of people were there to see it and walked away.  It backs up to Island Drive, has a huge hole in the roof, has indications of black stuff growing along a living room wall, has loads of dry rot and a siding that usually needs to be replaced, can’t see enough of the kitchen and baths and what you can see….ugh!

Call for questions you may have about Alameda properties…..I may have an answer…if I don’t I’ll try to find the right one!



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