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Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race. ~ H.G. Wells

 Blog post and photos:  I love these photos!  They remind me of everything that is good in the world.  If you

look closely, the Changing Gears Bike Shop sign is made from bike tires.  If you look closely at the Welcome to the Bike Shop sign, you’ll see it’s made of bike chains.

I got a new bike last January.  The old was was 30 years young, according to my daughter.  It joined a Peugeot bike that had been hanging from the rafters in the carriage house for probably 15 years.  They needed to be put into service once again.

Last Friday, in spontaneous fashion, I drove them over to the non-profit bike shop at Alameda Point.  I’d heard of it, but hadn’t been to it, even with all the riding I do around there.  The place just made me smile.

These youngsters (well, they are younger than me by lots of years) are doing terrific work in an old military building.  You can donate a bike.  You can volunteer to work there.  You can use their shop and they’ll advise you on how to repair your own bike for $5 an hour.  You can buy a used bike.  You can earn a bike by volunteering (200 youth and adults did just that last year).  You can have your bike fully serviced by them for reasonable prices.  And they employ formerly homeless individuals, and train them to repair, sell, and run the shop.

They were thrilled with what I gave them (including the brand new seat from my new bike, since I liked my old one better).  They made me feel like I made their day!  Quite the contrary, they made mine.

Check them out.  Changing Gears

Let’s make this all about my clients.
305 Court St.   She’s changed her price this week, the house has been on the market for over a year now, and we’ve followed the market downward.  Now it’s $488,888 and it started at 600K.  In an attempt to accept some responsibility for this, I have said I wasn’t strong enough with the pricing to begin with, and that’s not my norm.  UGH.  So, if you know somebody who is in the market for a wonderfully located 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths duet home, with an attached 2 car garage, NO HOA fees, close to the shoreline, closer to Krusi Park, tell them about it or have them call me!  Check out the website

1708 Third Street 
This gentleman owned this Woodstock co-op unit with his dad.  It’s two levels, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, immaculate, with a nice yard.  $240K . You buy a piece of stock when you own here.  Check out the website for purchasing stock co-op homes.  He’s motivated and had it listed with another company before he called me.   He started at 305K and when he listed it with me it went to 255K.  If you know somebody….you know the drill!  I’ll be there Sunday 2-4pm! Come by, say hi!

1219 Regent
A lovely Victorian, lovingly maintained over the decades by the owners, with a good roof, newer foundation, updated electrical, nice yard, and pleasant walk to Park Street.  3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a big person-cave basement!  On the market for a few weeks.  675K  The website has some good photos!

Recap of a phone call I got last night….The heir of a local condo, who lives in the southern US, had been referred to me and we met last summer.  I told her the 1/1 condo, if she cleaned it up might go for 189K.  She called to see how the market was, having done nothing with the place since the meeting.  She said she’d heard 1/1 condos were selling for 150K.  True? Yes.  I gave her some facts over the phone.  She has an interested party who wants to buy it privately.  I told her to take the money and RUN quickly!  I couldn’t have been any stronger over the phone without yelling!  I think she got the message.

Quick Glimpses
-Congress DID restore the higher loan limits
for government backed loans TODAY!  I got a text from the National Association of Realtors this afternoon.   This article was written before the passage but it’s good.
Online home valuations
If you’ve read my for-client-only email blasts for the 10 years before I started this blog 3.5 years ago, you know I’ve not been fond of online property valuations.  They don’t consider condition, local market conditions, demand, location, and all the important things buyers want to know about.  Real estate is a person and personal biz, and it demands consumers hook up with those who know the ‘hood you want.  Agents running over hill and dale only make a human being version of the online value game.   Agents need to see the inventory to know the inventory.
Curious about the appraisal game? 

Unsold inventory this week  183, 185 last report
Pending inventory this week  103, 103 last report

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week.

Broker tour this week  5 on the tour…had to go by car because of errands off the island!  boo-hoo!

NEW  10
SOLD  13  no the first photo is not you….it’s very blurry (a pet peeve of mine!)
EXPIRED  4  well, there are 4 expired but I’ve tried twice and only 3 get picked up.  sorry.

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!
Bang for the Buck  This is a stock co-op listing.  Shows well,  maybe the park nearby is a downer…but a nifty place.



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