THE SECOND STORY | November 3rd, 2011

Time for a high tide sidewalk bike ride?

Blog photo: If you time it right (most any time but either side of a high tide), you can take a quick walk right at water’s edge at Crown Beach.  The brief crossing can be slimy and slick, when the tide is out.  Last Tuesday evening was not the time for me to ride my bike through, or attempt to take it over the water.  It can be a bit tricky when it’s slip’ry.  Kind of cool.

Blog post:  It’s part of being in the real estate biz…these drive me nuts!
– No photos of the property in the MLS (multiple listing service).
-Out of focus photos of the property.
-Photos with the artistic ‘slant’ –  they make the house look like it just got lifted by the Hayward Fault, and the viewer feels seasick!
-Listing agents who need to make an appointment for me to see a property but who won’t return a call so it can get shown.  hhmmm…maybe the agent doesn’t like me.  Naw…really?
-Hidden lock boxes.  We get to play find the lock box and hope a key is in it so we can get in!
-Buyer’s agents who make an appointment and then don’t show.  Tough on clients with kids and who work at home..
-Sellers who stay at the property while I show it to clients.  Give us space and a chance to talk.  Take a walk!
-I’d love it if all listings, dumps or beauties, had floor plans somewhere online.  Consumers would really love it!
-Horribly misleading photos and/or narrative in the MLS – “This Blue Mountain Beauty surely won’t last through the weekend.”  I thought Blue Mountain Beauty was a new architectural style.  Not so much.  It’s the company name.  And apparently that beauty has lasted beyond the weekend.  It also tells me not to let somebody else buy my dream home.  But it is a winner….Get Me to Rehab (see below).
-Agents who somehow think I put blue tape over a lock by mistake, just so they can remove the tape and lock the door behind them.  Seriously.  Last week it happened.  AARRGH!

Okay, I feel better now.

Last Saturday I needed to catch up on inventory.  It was a glorious day so I biked to 10 houses, all around town, in just two hours!  Parking is a breeze…bike to door, and I get to see so many folks I know!   It never ceases to amaze me how lucky I am!

My client’s property at 1557 Santa Clara received multiple offers and is now pending!

Quick Glimpses:
Getting a grip on closing cost ‘deals’  NYTimes
Making the banks pay… Yahoo News
Another ‘Low rates and why you aren’t getting them’ article  WSJ MoneyWatch

Unsold inventory this week  188, 184 last report
Pending inventory this week  100, 103 last report

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week (two low ones: one of them has a lower price than when it was on the market before.

Broker tour this week.. 6 with 1 repeat… the highest price is a 10 unit building (came on the market last week).

NEW  13
BOM (back on market)  3
SOLD  12

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK…(remember this is only my perspective!)
Get Me to Rehab 



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