THE SECOND STORY | October 21st, 2011

Shakin’ it up!

Blog photo: A simple but elegant stained glass window at 1219 Regent, a new listing I put on the mls this week.  The home was built in 1892 according to the penultimate guide, Documentation of Victorian and Post Victorian Residential and Commercial Buildings, City of Alameda, 1854-1904, written by George C. Gunn.

Blog post: Maybe you felt the earthquakes this afternoon and tonight?  It’s been fun to see what folks have posted on FaceBook about their reactions.   It’s only fun because there hasn’t been any serious damage or injuries.

Just yesterday I finally was able to take delivery of the earthquake prep/supplies box I ordered several weeks ago.  I’ve been looking for the perfect box for months.  I wrote about one of my attempts to assemble a box on my
for fun’ blog…using various body parts to keep pieces together, to no avail. 

After that frustrating experience I kept on the hunt for a box that would meet my expectations.  One day while dusting raccoon and feral cat repellent around the boat and dock at Alameda Marina I realized those storage boxes in front of many boats might be just the ticket. 

Then a discount coupon showed up from West Marine.  I think it came via daughter Sutter in New Zealand.  Anyway, since saving money is a motivator, I decided to drop by the marine store at the intersection of Pacifc/Buena Vista/Constitution Way.  Sure enough…what I saw in the catalog seemed promising.  It’s called a Dock Box.

It will go in the backyard corner, not subject to getting buried by debris, and quite accessible.  Next assignment…get the water, big packages of handi-wipes, C-rations, tools, bucket, lights (flash and headlamp),  and anything else that should go in it.  Between that and the propane tanks I’ve got for the barbeque, we should be able to get by for a few days….and share with others.  Best of all, it’s light weight, and no assembly required!

Quick Glimpses
4% mortgage?  Good luck getting that….CNN Money
Where’s the inventory?  WSJ
Youngin’s considering owning vs renting  WSJ

The listing at 1708 Third Street, a 3/1 stock co-op unit, is now 240K, down from 255K.  Motivated!  A very nice property! And if a buyer has the 20% down….at these interest rates….this is cheaper than renting!

I put two new listings on the market this week.  Check out 1219 Regent a Victorian 3/2 with lots of super pluses for 675K.  Come on by and say hi on Sunday 2-4pm.  The other is 1557 Santa Clara, a 2/1 charming bungalow for 365K needing a roof, some foundation work, a furnace, and some updating in the kitchen.

Unsold inventory this week  190, 182 last report
Pending inventory this week,  104, 107 last report

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week 

Broker Tour this week.   9  I’m still catching up on seeing some of these since I hosted Regent open on Tues.

NEW  17
BOM (back on market) 5
SOLD  12

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!
Cute, charming  gotta go to my listing at 1557 Santa Clara
Bank for the Buck
gotta go to my listing at 1219 Regent...attic converted to master suite, basement huge 1000sf, nice yard…
Get me to Rehab  this Victorian needs everything…for the price of 865K…we’ll see how that goes!



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