THE SECOND STORY | September 22nd, 2011

I have a beet to pick with my mom….

Blog photo and post: These all got picked two days ago.  The tomatoes went crazy compared to what even local experts said was a terrible tomato year last year.  The basil was so fragrant.

I’m such a believer now…and after this second summer of a few more container veggies, I’ve just planted some for fall….more lettuces and beets.  Iris Watson at Thompsen’s Garden Center (1113 Lincoln Ave.) assures me I’ll love sauteing the beet leaves.

And speaking of beets…I had my first stare-off with fresh beets this summer when they were included in a Farm Fresh to You delivery.  Ut-oh.  What to do with those?  I avoided them as long as I could and then peeled and sliced them and threw  them into salads.  WHO KNEW?  They were fabulous.

And to think…I thought all beets tasted like that canned crud my mom would put on the plate.  Same with peas.  Oh Mom, bless your heart….with four squirelly kids I’m pretty sure I’d make the words ‘convenience’ and ‘canned’ synonymous, too.

On to the apples waiting to be picked, the ones the real squirrels haven’t gotten to yet.  I had one last evening while working on the new dirt mixture for the new plants….wonderful!

Quick Glimpses
I’ve been saying 8 years….this article says 5

Lots of sold, pending, and new listings this week.  Check out the links below.

Fabulous bike ride in some heat for the Broker Tour  – 16 on the tour.

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week.

Warning! The Fountain property is BOM but somehow is showing up in all categories.  Like a fly, I can’t get rid of it!  I’ve tried 4 times!
NEW  16
BOM (back on market)  3
SOLD  12  

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK....remember this is only my perspective!

Winners of the Week!  We have a 3 way tie.  I just loved each of these properties.

That’s a wrap.  Carry on!  Make it work!  AND A HUGE THANK YOU FOR ALL THE REFERRALS SO MANY ARE SENDING MY WAY.  I APPRECIATE THE TRUST AND CONFIDENCE YOU HAVE AND AM WORKING HARD TO BE REALLY CLEAR ABOUT WHAT THIS MARKET IS ABOUT!  And as usual, the folks I get to meet with are the same wonderful quality as the ones who share my name.  I am blessed.

best, m

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