THE SECOND STORY | September 15th, 2011

Beneath the layers….

Blog photo and post:  Another of Alameda’s hidden murals was revealed several weeks ago when some exterior siding was removed from the liquor store at the southwest corner of Haight Ave. (at Webster).  And if you get close enough, you’ll see there is yet another mural peeking out from under this root beer special!

Real estate, certainly in an old town like Alameda (yes, I know we are a city but we feel and think like a town) is just like this mural.

We’ve got loads of layers: layers of generations of families; layers of paint on the old but ever-being-refreshed Victorian properties; layers of toxics underneath parts at the former Alameda Naval Air Station; layers of sweet goodness at Tucker’s Super Creamed Ice Cream, and super sweet community programs like Alameda Meals on Wheels (NO government funding whatsoever, citizen and business supported only).

It seems like the real estate, from below the earth’s surface to the tip of a triple decker ice cream cone, is just like family.  Sometimes families are toxic.  Sometimes families hide behind painted faces and masked facades, and more often than not….families are super sweet and super supportive.  That’s why I call Alameda a town.  We like to show our colors, what we are made of and just what we think.  And we try to take care of our own.  Just add a ‘t’ to own….and you’ve got town.

I fess up….I took a couple of golf days this week in Carson City, NV with a bunch of Alamedans and some Arizonans (?) that meet up there annually for the Isle City Golf Tournament.  Great fun.  Nice people.  Challenging and super fun/frustrating golf courses.

But I did see some properties today in an effort to catch up.  And I do work while I’m away….so I don’t feel too guilty.

Quick Glimpses 
What you already know…getting financing is rough.  USA Today Money
Investing in houses?  Watch for these common mistakes  WSJ

Unsold inventory this week  176, 165 last report.
Pending inventory this week  109, 111 last report.

Broker tour this week 10.

Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings

NEW  18
BOM (back on market)  2

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK….remember this is only my perspective!
Cute/charming  terrific light, wonderful classic windows.

That’s a wrap!  Make it work!  Carry on!  Enjoy the weekend….will we get an Indian Summer?  I hope so!  Fall is almost here!  

best, marilyn

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