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How do you want to live?

The photos in the links seem to be working!  YAY!

Blog photo:  I rode my bike to Webster the other evening with two blouses stuffed into my backpack.  Destination: Garden Cleaners.  Dropped off the clothes, walked out and there was my friend (and client) Jackie!  She’d been hounding me to drop by her house and check out her gardens and improvements.  I certainly was surprised, as was she!  So we walked and along the way, she pointed out the wonderful things about her neighborhood.  One of the was Bosco the pig.

Turns out that Bosco, in his fenced, front yard home may be banned due to some long standing rule about farm animals. Community members are rallying for Bosco.

Blog post:  Please don’t assume the blog title question has anything to do with Bosco. It has to do with each of us.

How do you want to live?  It’s a question I’ve found myself asking clients these days.  There is so much to consider when thinking about the ‘how’ of living.  It’s more than where to live.  It’s more than the size of the home.  It involves the lifestyle you want.

Simple and easy? Ancient fixer?  Yard to tend?  Patio for a barbeque and pet and potted plants?  Committing to maintenance or paying a pro to do the work?  Own?  Rent?  Stay put?  Travel? Just need a home base?  Move often?  Be carried out feet first?  Tied to a mortgage?  Use your cash in other ways?  Hot or cold climate?  Have more than one place to call home?  Close to family or get me outta here?

The answer to the ‘HOW’ question involves some serious thinking.  It can be a fun game when done without the pressures of ‘got to make a decision NOW.’  It can result in mental road maps that include goals and what-ifs.  And the answers can be surprising.  And my clients are coming up with some very interesting revelations!

It’s all personal and it’s all good.  And it’s not the stuff you’ll find in high pressure sales.  But it is the stuff very real,working relationships are made of.  And the results of such thoughtful thinking can result in very satisfying and less-stressed life choices.  So try it.  How do you want to live?

My clients got an accepted offer this week at 2915 Bayview.  This duet on one of Alameda’s lagoons that parallels Alameda’s South Shore has a very motivated seller.  It started in May at 639K and the most recent list was 529K.  Pest was certified and it shows well, and some work at the upper level enclosed room is getting legalized.

Quick Glimpes-
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Builders planning for senior housing  NYTimes

Unsold inventory this week 187, 176 last report
Pending inventory this week 104, 108 last report

Broker tour: 6 with 1 repeat.  Seemed like our first full summer day from dawn to dusk, complete with a great bike ride.
Highest and Lowest Priced NEW Listings this week. I sold (had the listing) for 2122 Buena Vista, a 6 unit Victorian and the highest priced listing, about 4 years ago for 859K and now it’s on the market for 825K.

NEW  13
SOLD  11

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!
Got Me a Makeover!
Get Me to Rehab!


(local dining tip….Burma Superstar!  1345 Park Street, near Tucker’s!  Get there early…it was packed by the time we left and the food is terrific!


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