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Face TIME vs. FaceBook…

Once again, the links for the photos of the listings are not working.  After a prolonged conversation today, again,  and doing some updating on various programs I use (to no avail),  I got an email this afternoon from one of the MLS techs.  It said, “Our Paragon vendor just emailed me saying they are going to have an emergency release on this issue.”  Finally!

Blog photo and post: Lots of memories were generated during a visit to So CA, the purpose of which was my 40th (yep!) high school reunion.  Corona del Mar High.  So do the math….and you’ll know how old I am.  This is my bike on the Balboa Island Ferry last weekend.  I took two super rides through the island, on the ferry and up to Huntington Beach and back.

It was amazing how young all of us attendees felt, looked (and not too many obvious facelifts), and acted (responsibly).  It was a blast comprised of events over three days.

The first was a pre-union small dinner for 10 at a local restaurant in Corona del Mar, thoughtfully organized by two folks I hadn’t seen in maybe decades. The dinner morphed into about 30 folks total at 3 tables, as others came to identical conclusions that eating at the Quiet Woman would be nice.  And quiet it was not.  But what a glorious night and kick-off.

The next night was the big bash at Balboa Yacht Club (my dad’s still a member and has been for decades – it a low key place, kind of like Encinal Yacht Club here in Alameda), which was perfect in every way.

Then the next day a group gathered for a beach party, and more food, in one of the rich kid ‘hoods in the ultimate gated community.  A couple of us figured the wicked lady at the gate was the model for all TSA employees, or at least was retired from a TSA job.

Pretty nice – private beach, right on the bay.   Arriving floating vehicles ranged from plastic blow up boats, plastic floaty rings, a sailboat, a motorboat, and a big time yacht that dropped anchor nearby then shuttled classmates to the beach via motor dinghy.  The most fun to watch was one of the classmates in a rub-a-dub-tub with his 3 year old twins (kids, not grandkids).  Now do the math on that one!

The best part was all the preconceptions from back in the day were gone.  All the labeling, gone.  All the judging, gone.  It was about who we are today,  not what we thought we were then.  The incredible efforts of a marvelous committee made it just perfect (with a big assist in communications from FaceBook), from food to rockin’ music (one of the classmates has a pro band).

In just a few short hours, bridges that had crumbled for decades were rebuilt and ready to lead to new/old friendships.  This was proof that face TIME is far superior to FaceBook.

If you’d like to check out my more personal observations (even I was surprised at how this writing turned out) go to my ‘for fun’ blog Boomer Chick Musings   I hadn’t realized how emotional the event was until I wrote about it.


Call if you need vendor referrals.
-Today, I helped a client find a specialist who does mirror re-silvering.  Turns out it’s cheaper to get a new mirror unless you are dealing with a high value antique.
-Today, clients sent me photos of the results of a referrals I gave to them just a few weeks ago.  They had a lift installed so stair climbing can now be avoided inside their home!  YAY!
-Yesterday I gave out a painting contractor name.

Unsold inventory this week  176, 179 last report
Pending inventory this week 108, 100 last report 

Broker tour 8 with 3 repeats

Highest and Lowest Price NEW Listings

NEW 10
BOM (back on market) 1
SOLD  12

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK….none…I only saw one on the tour!

That’s a wrap, carry on, make it work!  Have a good weekend!

best, marilyn

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