THE SECOND STORY | August 5th, 2011

Watching with the neighbors.

Got word this morning that the links to the properties were not opening all the photos, if multiple photos were included with each property.  I contacted the MLS to see if they knew something was wrong but no adequate response.  Sorry about the lack of pictures.  Bums me out.  I sent a link to myself this afternoon and had the same result.  SORRY! 

Blog photo: Park Street Bridge sunset, taken two years ago while on an evening estuary cruise.
Blog post:  Last Tuesday evening was the National Night Out, the annual Neighborhood Watch event that encourages folks to gather in the front yard or on the front porch of a neighbor’s house, get the lights on, and get to know each other.

We have really good participation in our local watch which combines two blocks, and portions of three others.  Over 60 members!  I’ve been the one and only ‘watch captain’ since we moved here, and of course that was triggered by an event that affected our family and some friends.  I don’t have to do anything extreme, and participants have been trained to expect a Costco cake and bottled waters here for one evening each summer.  It’s a blast to see who shows up and this year I only emailed the notice twice rather than taping notes on everybody’s doors.

Last December one of my projects was to get that watch list organized, updated, with opt-ins from those who wanted to be included, then turn it into a spreadsheet.  Many thanks to one of the neighbors who added Excel touches to the updated, revised, and now gorgeous list.  Maintaining it is now delightful, if that word can be used in conjunction with Excel.

I continue to warn everybody that the words Marilyn and Excel should never be used in the same sentence yet this year I’ve done more ‘learning by doing’ with Excel than I ever dreamed possible. Ah, one of the side benefits for volunteering for community activities…attempting to develop skill sets one never wanted to begin with.

Here’s to watching with the neighbors!


Quick glimpses:
-Bank of America distressed borrowers MAY be able to get principle reductions or a loan mod (my comment = like right, we’ll see how many this program positively affects) 
Unsold inventory this week 170, last report 179
Pending inventory this week 119, last report 101
Broker tour 12 with 3 repeats.  Lovely day for a bike ride!

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!
Winner, Cute/Charming, Out of Rehab, Bang for the Buck  all in one listing that was bought as a wreck and turned around with permits, taste, talent, and quality.  Just a few short months ago this was a mess.


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